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    Resolution ..

    yo yo yo yoy oy oy oy oy yo yo yo y
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    Youtube BBS Playthrough

    excellent ..ive been waiting for something like this
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    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    theres no way we wont see it until december ..id say anywhere between mid-may and early-june though
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    Thoughts concerning the secret ending ..

    ive come to think that "lingering sentiment" refers to what remained of terra's heart after MX had possesed the darkness within it ..and if thats the case ..than terra's heart is what defeats MX
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    Thoughts concerning the secret ending ..

    no im talking about when terra as the lignering sentiment fights terranort ..mx possesed the darkness in terra's heart ..i believe that in the final boss fight for terra ..youre fighting AS the light in terra's heart ..so essentially ..terra's heart defeat's MX's heart ..and all of this happens...
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    Thoughts concerning the secret ending ..

    this is what ive been thinking ..he needed a new vessel' ..a younger one that he could use to complete his goal of a new world with equal ammounts of light and darkness ..terra was the perfect hostt ..and with ven and vanitas ..his would have been able to acheive his goal .. the only problem...
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    Thoughts concerning the secret ending ..

    i wonder though ..becuase terra kinda of single handedly beat MX himself at the end of the game ..??
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    Thoughts concerning the secret ending ..

    During the secret ending as AtW speaks with aqua ..he mentions that it's been a year since he last saw sora. the last time he had actually seen him was when his heart decoder blew up at the end of KH2 and he disappeared. my guess is that upon its explosion, Atw was transported back to the realm...
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    Samurai character

    werent terra and aqua the ones taking the master test?? ..
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    Keyblades and armor

    what makes you say that (no pun intended) ..just wondering why you dont want it to/think it should have any relavence to the keyblade or story
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    Keyblades and armor

    i hear yah ..i just dont see the point in hoping or thinking the armor holds no significance whatsoever even if it hadnt been confirmed that it ties into the story ..
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    Keyblades and armor

    lol still riding this horse? ..first you refused to believe it has any importance - then we find out it does? ..lol next youre hoping they wont make it usable in gamplay, which we know it will be ..from what ive gathered ..you can use it in multiplayer mode ..as well as in the manner abbot...
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    Keyblades and armor

    ..kinda called this one?? (sorry bout the double post)
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    Riku's voice? ..

    lol even the ones on the main sight ..that have the profile thins for roxas and xion ..it just seems off to me
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    Riku's voice? ..

    maybe this is just me? ..but after seeing some cutscene footage of days in english ..ive noticed that riku doesnt sound like riku at all? lol ...im thinkin either theres a new voice actor for him ..or david gallagher really made no attempt to make his voice sound as young as it should?? maybe...
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    Fight Club

    Probably my favorite movie great story ..great action ..and just bizzare lol opinion??
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    Terra can't be Xehornat

    lol very well said (25 limit)
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    Terra can't be Xehornat

    it put it simply ..yes he can
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    Only ONE new companion so far?

    as much as i would love not seeing them because i dont like them ..i really dont think its possible to even have summons at the point in time when BBS takes place? ..the summons were simply the spirits of the very strong hearted people belonging to worlds that the heartless had taken over...
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    Manhood and Beards..

    So being seventeen ..im not completely finished in regards to growing and development, though this isnt the point ..im kind of mid-way through the process of being able to grow a beard ..about 3/4's of my cheeks ..about half of my neck ..and my entire chin - all have excessive ammounts of hair...