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  1. Shadow Ninja

    Worst world in the game

    I heard about it in Fourth Grade, and I'm in seventh so that was a long time ago.
  2. Shadow Ninja

    How much do you think BBS is gona cost in the US

    I'd say....probably $100! Haha! Kidding. Maybe around $50. If it comes with a bundle.....ummm maybe higher?
  3. Shadow Ninja

    Worst world in the game

    The world that sucked the most was Olympiss Colliseum. It only had like.....three rooms. And what's up with the barrel thing? Seriously. :31: THey should've at least put the Underworld in there. And....Agrabah, was kinda retarted. It always is. And ummm....in Wonderland, the Emerald Serenade...
  4. Shadow Ninja

    Has anyone else noticed...

    That's creepy. Maybe it's a sign. Maybe in a future KH Sora and Kiari get married. x3
  5. Shadow Ninja

    Randomest/Weirdest moment in any game you've played

    What was the randomest moment in any game you've ever played? (P.S. Sorreh if this thread is kinda crappy, I'm new here.) I'll tell you mine. I was fighting Lexeaus in KH2 FM and he kills me then the PS2 shuts off at that same moment! :35:
  6. Shadow Ninja

    Axel Can Cook?

    Axel? Cooking? It simply isn't possible. He'd burn water. His chicken would be more like charcoal and veggies would be incinerated. Or maybe he CAN cook..... Probably one of those OD chef's on Food Network that burn the life out of things.
  7. Shadow Ninja

    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    When Yuffie comes and beats all the Heartless. :D