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    Okay, so I've been looking for alternatives to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I've so far found GIMP, Inkscape, and Scribus. Now, I need to know if these three programs are any good. Also, if they are compatible with each other and work well together. PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT have money...
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    Favorite magic

    Offensively, I felt fire was most effective. But of course, cure was awesome too.
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    This is a song I wrote recently. Why did you lie? You said you tried to cool the fire But really just fed your desires Said you'd be with me But you're not here Going insane As you strive for personal fame Bright eyes, innocent smile It was all fake Trusting in you was a mistake Why did you...
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    Alright, thanks. Didn't read it, no spoilers for me >.< Lol
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    I just completed the mission where Roxas and Axel find Xion. They were sitting on the clocktower talking but something weird kept happening. It kept switching between unhooded Xion and hooded Xion. Is that a glitch? EDIT: Day 74 was the missions date
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    Riku and Oblvion?

    Roxas willingly let Riku use Oblivion
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    I think everyone agrees with me : D Axel's awesome
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    I agree with this. I actually died once or twice in KH. In KH2, I don't even recall dying and can only think of a couple of times when I was close to dying.
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    I'd say Axel, loved his roles in CoM and KH2
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    How do your parents annoy you?

    I know. We all love our parents. But I also know there has to be something they do that annoys the crap out of you. So what exactly do they do? Mine steal my xbox to watch movies >.>
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    Do you still play the Gameboy Advance COM?

    I still play : D That game's still awesome
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    Name Your High School/ College!

    Seeing as we're all in school now, just name your high school or college! I'm in Art and Design High School : D
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    Sora's companions

    I was just thinking how KH3 would be if it came out, and this idea struck me. Since Sora, Riku, and Kairi were all reunited, and they all have keyblades, is it possible that Riku and Kairi can be new party members, replacing Donald and Goofy?
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    who do you think.......

    Hayner=Riku Pence=Sora Olette=Kairi(Obvious xD) At least imo
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    So I start school tomorrow....

    As the thread says, I start school, tomorrow. Freshman year -.- Kind of happy because I got into a good school, but kind of nervous because new teachers, friendless for the most part, bunch of new classmates, etc. Any one else starting school tomorrow?
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    When I was called a "lamer." 0.o
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    AH, but still, Traverse Town was still so cool, and was the first world Sora traveled to
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    KH2 didn't have Traverse Town, which really upset me D :
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    Search for Sanctuary

    PROLOGUE They walked through the empty streets together, hand in hand. Living on the road was tough, and each other were all they had. “Another city, another story right?”asked Rika “Yeah, but just how many storys do we have left?” asked...
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    About the credits...

    Okay, cool, so I'll just reset