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    So now what do you think of BBS coming to USA?

    I can't wait for it to come to NA...I just need to buy a psp and then buy the game once it's out xD that's the only reason I'm getting a psp lol
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    This song is stupid but funny x) YouTube - Watagatapitusberry Official Video
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    Drizzy Drake Ft.Lykke Li - Little Bit(Remix)

    I love the remix..drake is frkn awesome :) one of tha best rappers ever!check it out↓ YouTube - A Little Bit Remix (Ft. Drake) W/Lyrics
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    The Lovely Bones

    I think it's a good movie but reading the book is better.What do you guys think??
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    NA release date?

    I just hope they release it at least next month because I'm gonna get a psp and I want bbs to be the first game I buy for it.
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    Which character do you hate or don't like in the Kingdom Hearts series?

    We love everyone in the game but c'mon there's gotta be someone that really irritates you or pisses you off.well for me it's Larxene.I hate her attitude and how she doesn't give a s*** about anyone.she's cold as ice. so who do u guys hate/don't like?ffffuuu
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    Kingdom Hearts TV series

    I think it would be soo cool if they made a tv show for it.like an anime or something! what do you guys think??
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    don't click here..

    wrong thread sorry..god people are so mean here..I go where it says new thread but i guess it's wrong place sorry geeze >:(
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    blah blah don't click here guys wrong post

    sorry wrong page guys..posted the thread at the bottom...thanx for letting me know DawningTwilight xDD and shutup Legendary!! i'm new to this and i didn't know It was in the wrong place..my god >:(
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    Hardest/Easiest Boss Fight In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    post comments on who you think is the hardest:36: or easiest:tongue: boss fight in the game!!