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    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    Re: Who Do YOu Want to Voice T and A? i dunno. who ever voiced sasuke in naruto for Terra and Jennifer Hale for Aqua
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    DS Smash bros.

    I think a Ds smash bros would be cool. Up to 4 people could play on download play, and there could easily be Wi Fi. The only buttons the DS is missing is the c stick, and only smash players with no skill use that. Plus they could have the same charecters as brawl! So if you have anything to say...
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    Fanfiction ► Birth of Axel

    Thanks, All star gamer. I was just trying to think of something to make Ale angry enough to become a heartless and nobody.
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    Fanfiction ► Birth of Axel

    Ale. A man with a heart of flame. He lived as a theif, with his partner Vulcan. They were the perfect criminal pair. They had pulled thousands of jobs. But they were going to pull one that was going to be risky, but if done right, would pay off. They were going to rob the king. " Okay, here is...
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    10 hour challenge

    I challenge anyone reading this to beat KH2 in 10 hours or less. If you can, post what time you beat the game in. This is solely for my entertainment, and, to anyone who does it, bragging rights. P.S. No, I haven't done it. But I want to see who can.
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    Could Axel be Terra's Nobody?

    I am the one who posted this before. and I COMEPLETELY agree with you. I have some things to boost this theory: for one, people say Axel's too young to be Terra's nobody. The game never tells you when Axel was created, and nobodies don't age. And........ that' all I have. I didn't read the...
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    Hi. I know this is an old thread, but it's my first:] I just wanted to add that the game NEVER twlls you when Axel was created. Nomura stated in an interview that the final mix+ movie was from the end of BBS. What i'm getting at is that at the end of BBs, Terra could turn into a heartless. Thus...
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    KH Music

    I was wondering what people's favorite music from KH 1 and 2 is. Here's mine KH1: Night of Fate [ the music where Destiny Islands is being attacked by heartless and you get the Keyblade] KH2: Axel battle music [ of course :]
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    Demyx(2nd battle)(I feel hopeless)

    I forget if you have it by then, but an easy way to win is to use master form. If not, then just..... ummmmmmmmmmm.................................... I forget. Sorry for not really helping.
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    KH2 IS AWESOME! IT IS MY FAVORITE GAME EVER! WHOEVER THINKS KH2 SUCKS SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS WEBSITE! THE GAMEPLAY DOES NOT SUCK! the story can be corny at sometimes, but it is good. And the music is PHENOMINAL! this game is perfect to me.
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    How did this turn into a Terra Xehanort thing?
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    Who You Think Should Do The Voices In BBS

    John Heder for every male charechter DS: Take this Terra:OW! freakin idiot LOL!!!!!!!
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    Sure Terra has a tie to Xehanort, but that doesn't mean he has no relation to Axel. And don't think I'm fighting for this theory because I'm an Axel fanboy, I'm fighting for it because IT IS plausible.
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    Sorry, I'm new to this posting-internet chat thing.
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    Thanks I_LUV_SQUARE. Just to add, Axel and Terra have the same hair color, and their hairstyle kinda looks the same.
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    I was thinking that Axel was Terra's nobody. Well, I mean at the end of the final mix+ video he looks like he's becoming evil, and he knows Ven well, and Ven looks almost EXACTLY like Roxas, AND Roxas and Axel are best freinds. What do you think?
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion sorry to spam your thread, but i have created a thread called mickey's keyblade. it is under kingdom hearts 1, not 2 or chian of memories
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    Mickey's Keyblade

    PLEASE don't spam or cuss on this thread. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!