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    revolution XIII

    after Riku and Sora defeated Xenohart, they sealed Kingdom hearts for the final time. They went home, and for once, they were happy again. This however, was not meant to be. For Xenohart lived on, clinging to the edge of his strength, he crawled up from the abyys and proceeded to, in secret...
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    one quick drive question *maybe spoiler*

    ok, awhile back when we first saw the anti form, soem people thought it was a form and others thought it was just a mistake. Now Nomura said that besides the three we get story-wise (Valor,Wisdom,Master) There were two more that were cheaply powerfull and we never REALLY needed to use. Final...
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    Soras Drive Forms

    but I thought that Anti-Form was actually a drive mode. Moreso a, mistake, as it were. I mean, Nomura said that he wanted us to use the drive forms in several interviews(probably cuz he likes em' so muchXD) but what if You really liked the anti-form and could only use it accidentlly? No way...
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    Roxas vs Axel

    i get that. *shakes head* but yeah, ahHA! someone agrees w/ me exellent.........
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    Roxas vs Axel

    true, i agree. But I vote Axel. He is SO the shit. Just becasue Roxas wins in KH2 doesnt mean he's better, I mean, you hAVE to win to advance the plot so its not really a fair contest. Axel, he is better, i'll leave it at that.
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    roxas or sora???

    I have yet to play the gaem OR read the spoiler section (though I did succumb to learning about a certain drive mode that I didnt want to know about *cry*) but I vote Sora. Weve been through two games with him and he's got a special place in my heart ( i am NOT his fanboy). Not to mention yeah...
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    Sora's medallion

    yeah, i agree with you on that. Its NOT a locking, but as for what is is, i still have no idea. It does look cool though.
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    shattermind, the past,future,and tommorrow

    Hmm my last RP was a dud, pity cuz I really liked it..... TIME TO TRY AGAIN XD one thousand years ago, nine legendary hero's defeated the forces of darkness and saved our world. Ever since the land of arkenen has lived in peace from the dark forces. Wars come and go, emperors, kings and...
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    Snow. Its been snowing for over a year now, all around the world, we are not buried, the snow vanishes, only to appear the next day, the sun rarley shines yet its not cold. We have entered the first stages of the end of the world. There is, however, one exeption, the norse gods arent the ones...
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    What is "Counter Electrode"???

    that is true but then agin you should look at all the topics to make sure yur not repeating one.... anyway I didnt know about the counter electrode so thatnks for clarifying that muffin
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    Minnie's Holy and Sora's Holy

    yeah i heard that too........... maybe it damages too?
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    Possible Bosses

    three words: I DID TOO *high fives* maybe not irvine.... but any of the weapons would be one helluva fight, even though techincally Kurt Ziza was a weapon........ what about the elric brothers? that would be one insane twist...... a fullmetal alchemist world........
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    Johnny Depp

    if anything he would do it for his kids...... he's just that knid of person.
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    Beast And Sora Big Combo

    yup yup, glad were all on the same page at least....
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    KH2 theory

    ..... *not taken seriously.....ever*.......
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    gameplay vids

    awesome. thank you
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    KH2 theory

    Should I put a major sap warning over the axel part or sumethin? all im doin is goin off what nomura says...... sheesh ahh watev LOL
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    KH2 theory

    I went out on a limb w/ the Axel part, so it does sound pretty lame... nice n' sappy tho.....
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    gameplay vids

    awhile ago khinsider.com posted about 13 gamelplay videos from the comicom demo of KH2, I had saved them on my comp but then I to reset cuz of sum problems, does anyone have them or know where they wnet? cuz they are no longer on the site...
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    Beast And Sora Big Combo

    YES u noticed that too?! AWESOME!!!!!! I think thats one of the Beast/Sora combo attacks. its called Big Shout, I think......