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    formation of Nobodies

    good theory..........but i got a thought arnt hartless and nobodies the same kinda? cos they both ave no hearts. exept that a heartless 9is just a shell.no soul or heart.but nobodiesa re a shell and soul? it could be like a ladder.. heartless--body nobody--body, soul human--body, soul...
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    a while ago there was a thread discussing which titans would be in the game. some said only the two that were missing form kh1 would be in the gaem. but in one of the trailers ( forgot which one) you see herculese throw the rock titan away. so that would proberbly mean they are all in the game -...
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    Two KH2 discs

    2 dis=cs.cool.means should be awesome.and big...but what if ya wanna change level n havta change disc? is'nt that kinda annoyin......
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    stop complainin

    yea we all know that kh2 is released in 2006 but it hasn't been said in WINTER 2006........for all we know.it oculd be released january 1st........so stop yer complainin :mad:
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    u can proberly find items which ffect the strengh and magic etc. of the keyblade..proberly the looks too.....n colour
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    i just remebered a little umm.theory i had a whiel back.dunno if tis right or anyting........if soemone could fill in the gaps sora's keyblade---open door to the light --lock the hearts of worlds riku's keyblade.---unlock peoples hearts mickeys keyblade--- bhk keyblade(s)--- if anyone knows...
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    kh cover

    hey i was just looking at the kh box....and i was wondering.where are they all sitting? it kinda looks like traverse town.but it also kinda doesnt.it looks more like the cuty where kairi's grandmother was at.whereverer that was. tell me wot u guys thinkp :)
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    i think that: sora -- keybearer of present riku -- keybearer of dark --> but has lost it now he is becoming good again mickey-- keybeareer of light bhk -- keybearer of twilight. jsut thought thi up myself.not sure if its right or not. but its onyl a theory