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    which path wud u hav taken

    Light for me
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    how does ven hav it so bad?

    We don't know that Sora had it alot harder considering that we don't know yet what happened to Ven...
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    Is the Org. really evil?

    I never really consedered the Org to be bad. Yeah, some of of the members were just plain mean, as others have said, but the Org. had good intentions. They really just wanted to be like everyone else again. So, they do it anyway that they can find. They didn't let anything stand in their way...
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    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    Zexion will be mine. He's always been my favorite character
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    I for one, adored Demyx! He was so cute and innocent, but he kicked my ass the first time I tried to kill him! (Major "wtf!" moment!!) I don't really see how anyone could dislike him, because he is my favorite Orgy member, and my favorite overall game character ever. And I have to mention how...
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    Xigbar? ANOYING!!!!

    Whenever he shoots at you, use reflega. It'll make the battle a whole lot easier.
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    The Chasers= Nobodies?

    Sure, this theory makes sense, exept it's missing logic. MX wouldn't want Terra's body, unless he wanted something from Terra otherthan power, as in like, information or something.... I don't think it's reasonable...
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    The Chasers= Nobodies?

    I don't really see the connection between the nobodies and and TVA.... Explain it please?