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    Who did you like teaming up with?

    Riku...it was just cool to see Sora fight along side his best friend. After that I'd say Auron.
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    I heard a clip of her from English AC and she sounds a little better. I don't think that her voice was that bad (It could always be worse). It was rather weak, but who knows...perhaps that's what they were looking for. I think Mandy Moore did a better job in KH1, but she's not voicing the...
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    Ending of Roxas' segment

    The ending of Roxas' segment was pretty sad to me, especially when he said "It looks like my Summer vactation is over." You just end up feeling really sad for him. I actually liked his segment because it was a nice re-introduction to the KH battle system and its latest tweeks. It was also...
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    Rikus new look

    I definitely prefer his new look. That was one hell of a growth spurt. I love the long hair. I like guys with longer hair so Riku looks good to me (I practically squealed when I saw Squall with longer hair). The cloths are pretty cool too, much better than KH1 (what were they thinking?)...
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    Lv 99 sucks

    The only thing you can do at this point is synthesize defense and power boosts. Even at Level 99 Sora's stats aren't that great so I've been sythesizing stat boosters to turn Sora into iron man for that tournament.
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    help with jiminy journal %

    For the Journal you have to check all of the entries. Anything without a Mickey head next to it means you have to complete that task. I don't think you can find out your percentage until you beat the game. You just have keep checking through your journal to see what things you have left to...
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    Yup, that was something I noticed too. I was looking for who dropped Lightning Crystals and they listed the wrong Heartless.
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    Hardest Boss in the World that Never Was.

    The hardest for me was Xenmas Final Form. The whole clone thing annoyed the hell out of me. The other org members weren't so bad.
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    I thought I was the only one who was annoyed by the KH2 guide. I had most things figured out before I even got the guide, but it didn't help me very much for things I was missing to complete the journal and stuff like that. Most of the answers to my questions were found here on this forum.
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    need help with tournaments!!

    I believe you get the Goddess of Fate Cup once you reach the final save point of the game, which means fighting Xemnas for the first time. After I fought the first battle against him, I was able to open Goddess of Fate. After you beat that cup, I think you can access the Paradox Cups by...
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    Getting 1000 orbs in Manic mode at Collyseum?

    Take off all of your combo enhancements and equip Negative Combo. Start just hitting the small pots until large clusters appear. Usually when a cluster of small pots appear a large pot will also appear. Try to hit the large pot into the cluster of smaller pots for more orbs. That should...
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    SB Street Rave in Twilight Town

    In Twilight Town you talk to the lady that you deliver letters for. In Port Royale you talk to Will at the Rampart.
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    You get the hang of it after a while. I know it took me a while to get the timing right especially after they started alternating the "X" and Triangle button. It's not a good level for button mashers like me.
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    Yen Sid's

    Thanks. That's cool, as long as I can go back eventually.
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    Yen Sid's

    Quick question....is it possible to return to Yen Sid's place later in the game? I think I missed a chest there.
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    Saddest point in game?

    I haven't seen Axel's death/disappearance yet so I can't say one way or another on that. I was really sad over the whole Roxas thing. The poor kid finds out that he was never supposed to exist and then he has to "fuse" with Sora and disappear. Also the part when a single tear falls as Sora...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I finally got the game yesterday. God, I love it already. I'm on the 5th day with Roxas and I'm sure I'll be playing a lot more over the weekend.