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    my KH3 THEORY's

    Stitch in kh3 THEORY: i have a THEORY og how stitch could be in kh3. you see. if you have lilo and stitch dvd. then there is some deletet scenes. there is a deletet scene where stitch travel to many worlds and destroy things. (maybe stitch was in Hollow Bastion to just destroy things) Then if he...
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    KH2 in EU?

    when Will KH2 come to EU
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    KH2 Trailer on english?

    there is only 10 days to KH2 come out so when will there come a Trailer on english
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    KH2 cutscene on english!!!

    i have found a KH2 scene on english www.youtube.com/watch?v=1am3MzhLpWA
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    Wisdom Form?

    when will Sora have The Wisdom Form
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    KH2 trailer on english?

    when will KH2 english trailer come out?
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    am i too old

    hi i'm 16 and one of my friends say i'm too old to Kingdom Hearts. am i too old too this game?
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    is it's just me or are Demyx is a fool. after i have seen those scene whit him. he looks like a fool
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    Diz - Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee will play Diz in KH2
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    KH2 in Europe!

    i know when KH2 comes out in Europe. my dad work in a company there call Egmont. this is a plase where they get games from other country's. and KH2 comes out Fep. 02, 2006 (EU)
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    Kh2 - cutscene on english?

    when will there come a KH2 cutscene on english?
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    This KH2 cutscene?

    where can i downloade this cutscene? www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=cpKJWwZj23k
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    Kingdom Hearts serie?

    do you think there come a Kingdom Hearts serie or a movie
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    Kh2 - cutscenes

    hi. i have seen some cutscenes in youtube.com. like were we seen black pete first time. were can i downloade that cutscene
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    Cutscene 7!!!

    i have found a new cutscene http://1up.com/do/download?cId=2017814
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    how many cutscene are there now
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    spoilers- try to make suptitle in scene 6

    Re: try to make suptitle in scene 6 (wake op sora) but you have to know one think. the suptitle is not 100%
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    spoilers- try to make suptitle in scene 6

    i have talk to my jap friend on the phone. so he can listen to the last Kh2 scene. he is not shure of this he translating my. but now i am going to suptitle the last KH2 scene. soon it comes out.
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    Spoilers Scene 1 Subtitled

    Now The Kh2 first scene with suptitle workt www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=VI5jbgtgUP4
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    The KH2 game

    does there have KH2 on PS2 tell me. is it gret og bad?