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    WTF?! No Olympus Coliseum?!!

    I hope they dont cut Olympus... i really think they can put a cool story into it.
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    Vanitas - My View

    Another My View-- Vanitas, to me, is the most peculiar character in Birth By Sleep. What I mean is, "Why has Nomura kept Vanitas's identity in the shadows?" There is one simple answer for this. His identity is important and/or dramatic. Vanitas appears very strange. By his clothes, he...
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    Terra - My View.

    I based my theory on the fact that Birth By Sleep is a serious game compared to the other 2 games. I believe that Terra will be the core of Birth By Sleep because he appears most mysterious.
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    Terra - My View.

    Terra has been my favorite character right from the start Birth By Sleep was introduced. Why is this, well, the first time I heard of Birth By Sleep, i was on Youtube watching KHs clips. I then saw Terra's gameplay in The Enchanted Dominion. He became my new favorite character from KHs. Lately...
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    Who is Vanitas?

    Re: Why Vanitas face is still covered! Vanitas is a clone of Ven.
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    Any Aqua theories?

    i believe she will die for a greater cause, terra becoming (i said becoming, hehe) evil.
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    the title 358 Days/2

    Maybe the /2 represents the time Roxas was in the Organisation and when he was rogue, if I were SE id go for this... oh, another word for By or Divide By is Shared (By)
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    Terra and Xeahnort Relationship

    I really hope Terra is Xehanort mainly because it fits .
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    Unbirth theory (influenced by Forced Existence)

    If its right, I would happily share credit with dum0dum. I wouldn't have thought of this if he had not wrote that Theory. I think Unbirths are made of something, lets say a soul, that exists before its time, coming to the world unnaturally. Nomura stated that Unbirths came to be unnaturally...
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    forced existence

    I like the theory but i think Unbirths are made of something, lets say a soul, that exists before its time, coming to the world unnaturally, but I would never think of that theory. Even Nomura stated that Unbirths came to be unnaturally. Heartless (No Heart) Nobody (Nothing) Unbirth (Never...
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    TAV Keyblades: Keychainless?

    Xion's keyblade is said to be "fake" by Riku. It is believed that keyblade masters were able to train other young, determined warriors to use a keyblade, making many keyblade users at the time. But where have they gone? <--- Thats a...
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    How Excited Are you Right now for 358/2 days

    i REALLY need to play Saix >.<
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    Question on Sigs

    If anybody could help me... I made a sig picture on Photoshop but im not sure how to get it on to my sig for my account ... could anybody help me?