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    This Minigame Is Tickin Me Off

    man....i dont get it.....how the hell u get 1000 in phil maniac mode soo fast under 1:30, i mean its possible...i almost got it, 990(needed 10 fricken more) ='(, BUT THE STUPID POTS APPEAR SOO SLOW AND THE TIME RAN OUT WTH?!?!? like wen u finish 1 set of group of pots and a larage pot, the next...
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    Valor Form Doesnt Show Up?

    dang.....all because of goofy haha thnx both of u guys ill go do that now
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    Valor Form Doesnt Show Up?

    man does anybody know why valor form doesnt show up a lot...cus thats the only form i have to lvl up now but when i go drive menu i dont see it appearing, i only see Wisdom then Master then Final, do you know why it aint showing up? I even have enough drive gauge to use it, its on max too.
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    Hey just a easy question for ppl who know

    How can you tell the percentage of completion for jiminys journal? like where can i find the percent?
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    The Perfect Strategy To Obtain Final Form

    DUDE!!! IT DOESNT WORK MAN!!!!! i think its BOGUS....n i remember dont u need to get EXP to lvl up...and i remember the tournaments dont give exp.......i trusted u.....unless im doing it wrong
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    Kairi Cutscene

    holy snaps bazeak....is that dog in your pic dead?! cus its all....f'd up looking lol i mean...DANG! LOOK AT THE EYES N THE WAY IT LOOKS
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    I got a question!?!?!?!?!?!?

    yah....they took that part out when sora was at HB fighting the neo-shadow...i think the reason why they took it out cus HB doesnt look like the original anymore...knowing that its all diff..so yah it sux we dont get to see that scene, i was really looking forward to it =/
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    Is this in the game?

    YAH!! i never seen that part too..i was looking forward to see that part....till i forgotten it through out the game and now remembered it from this thread...damn im like in TWTNW and i still never seen it yet hawww...o well...i guess:(
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    how the heck u get more orbs in cups?!

    okay it kinda ticked me off...cus im trying to get all the golden mickey heads for all my mini-games and one thing thats irratating me is the cups....when you have to get the amount of orbs or more to fully pass that objective..all im asking is how do you get more orbs from the enemies because i...
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    I didn't know Tron really was Disney

    haha well some of you ppl probaly know already but the other half of the people like me didnt know tron really was a disney classic.....heres the site too prove it http://www.joystiq.com/2006/03/17/inside-the-world-of-tron/ In the article: "Tom's Hardware Guide has gone behind the scenes of...
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    Is kh2 worth for its price and is it more longer and harder than the first one??

    of course its worth the price n hopefully it will b longer n kinda harder but more funner than the first.....i no it will
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    4 more days...since 4 years......

    dang 4 more days.....each day i keep thinking of kh2 n imagining it everytime on my tv, does that happen to you guys too lol? and those 4 years we was waiting for the ultimate sequel, i think that this is the first game i been waiting so long just for a game and gettin soo excited....i think the...
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    Kingdom Heart 2 in Disney Store?

    hahah idk but just had a thought......since kingdom hearts games r half of disney......do you think the disney stores sell kingdom hearts games? hahah...do they even sell games? i was also thinkin why everyone said all the stores where kingdom heart 2 might be...but not one store...which is the...
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    Hopefully this week......

    hmmm...i just hope during this week we can finally see a commercial of kingdom hearts 2 :D...but idk which channels....i know its gonna be probaly in disney channel, man i dont have g4tv anymore...i think probaly all kid/teen channels......like mtv,disney,nickelodeon ummm i know theres more but...
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    Question here

    well the reason why everyone has been putting NA KH2 clip videos but no sanctuary intro is that SE doesnt want anyone to post it anywhere, cause yah i heard they had to email maverick saying please dont post the kh2 intro because SE wants it to be a big surpise for all of us when we get our game...
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    Kingdom Hearts Online

    well im bored n idk if this was made as a thread before, but what if they made Kingdom Hearts an online game like Final Fantasy 11...like everyone would be all keyblade masters or you would play a different role...and you would be traveling everywhere into more disney worlds that gets updated...
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    Probable English Kh2 Opening.

    haha whoa.....there gonna be a phone ringing during the intro...lol nah im jp but yah, that might be how it would be too...good editing man
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    March 29th

    i dont gotta skip scool =) cus i got spring break that week lol but wen that day comes ima wake up early n tell my dad to go to gamestop wen it opens....and hopefully since the game ships n arrives the 28th n it hits the shelfs n sells the 29th...hopefully i can get it during the morning n play...
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    wait just one minute.........

    i think that game informer gave 9.5/10 to kh1 and kh2 9/10 because kh2 didnt even came out yet n they dont even no if its better than kh1 yet..which it will i hope...just watch,probaly one week or more after the release of kh2 the rating will change n it jus might b more than kh1 rating now
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    blood in KH2?

    hmmm i guess most of the mild violence will be on the POTC world....haha i want to clap for them for making the game E10+ now lol....i have a feeling the next kh might be rated T now =D