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    i just noticed..

    Wow, i can't believe i never noticed that. I should play KH1 again to see it myself.
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    KH2 is #1 on the top ten list...

    Yep, it sure is... Yay KH2.... E3 is coming up soon... etc.....
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    Does anyone know how do beat Demyx, (or the water guy)

    Yes, Demyx was annoying to fight for me also. I used Valor form, which did me no good, because whenever i did, i ran up to him for like 3 hits, then he just smacks me with water. It got annoying... My advice is to use Wisdom like everyone else says. Just use that and stay a distance away while...
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    Interesting... how did we move from the drive form coincidence to talking about who wields what types of keyblades? The drive form find was quite interesting though.
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    Game easier?

    I'd say that KH2 isn't exactly easier, just shorter. KH1 is pretty simple, therefore pretty easy, but it's got length.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I got mine 4 days after it came out, so on Saturday. Took me about 35 hours just to beat it and bout 60-70 hours to get 100% completion. That was on the normal difficulty setting. I'll get around to playing Proud mode when i have the time.
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    That's the Invisible Point Counter that decides on when you're going to transform into Anti-Form. It's in the Guide. Anti Points: Change into Valor, Wisdom or Master= +1 Anti Point Change Form when ally is unconscious= 0 Anti Points Change to Anti Form= -4 Anti Points Change to Final Form=...
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    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    Dark Fire Keyblade= OneWingedAngel+BondOfFlame+Oblivion Icy Light Keyblade= DiamondDust+StarSeeker+OathKeeper Twilight pwnage Keyblade= Oblivion+Oathkeeper+Fenrir
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    Yea, i mean they could've changed Sora's hair a little, i mean, just a little would've been nice. It's still all huge and puffy. Well Kairi in KH2 is much better, nuff said. Her new clothes are also very nice.
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    Lol yea. She's grown a lot from KH to KH2. But i like that, she's hot now. Also she's no longer a flat chest.... should i have said that?....
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    the 3 knights' genders

    Well the third's boots look like the boots cloud wears in FF7. Cept probably a bit smaller. I'm thinking it's a guy. But, then again... would a short guy that's not from Disney feel right? Just saying... Damn now i'm not sure again whether it's a guy or girl.
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    Why was...?

    If his weapon was a spoiler than it'd most likely be a keyblade, your probably right about that, but is there anything else that could be a spoiler and not be a keyblade, i mean, he had the power to form an illusion to mess with Riku, does that mean anything with his weapon? Seriously let's...
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    the 3 knights' genders

    Hmm i'd say the third is a guy. Dunno for sure though. I just think that cause the waye he/she walks. Cause the 2nd one sways as she walks which makes me really think she's a she. The third walks straight and tough like a guy would. Also another thing i'd like to say. The third's shoes are kinda...
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    Yeah, me either. Like do steps. Like 1. etc..., 2. etc..., 3. etc... and so forth.
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    Spoilers- BHK's name

    Umm i'm new, but i was wondering if anyone besides me noticed this. If his name truly is Roxas. Look at it carefully. Notice the X in the name. I read somewhere on khinsider.com that all the members of the organization have an X in their name. Now take out the X. You can now spell Sora's name...