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    Roxas/Ven's clothes! significance?

    Though it may be just me and I do find this intersting as well but I find Roxas to look less like the one we see in KH2 (The hair or something I dunno) and Ven looks more like him. But that's just me.
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    How Fast Can You Beat Sephiroth?

    A little past 4:00 for me. That's only KH2 though KH1 Sephy is way too hard for me (I'm lvl 78). I really don't see how you people beat it under one minute.
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    KH2 Animations

    1) All of the Organization (except Demyx) Riku, Xeahnort. 2) Riku and Sora (KH2) 2b) Sora dual weild, Riku using power of darkness (The ones he uses in The World That Never Was) 2c) There regular clothing 3) Xemnas 3b) Staring at kingdom Hearts????? 3c) His black and white outfit 4) I think...
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    New RP site with a lot of cannons

    You know this is advertisement yes? That is not wanted in KHI if I'm right and they'll simply close this thread. . . .
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    Whats is funny cutscene you like

    Lol no that was Xaldin she hit. I don't have a favorite one I thought was 'funny' or anything.
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    Castle oblivion & Twilight Town Manor????

    Um well it IS'NT Ansem's Mansion. We do not know whom it is but in one of the Ansem Reports it stated he had found the mansion beyond the woods of Twilight Town. Ansem Report 7 Anyways in Ansem Report 10 it states Ansem asked Namine to move Slumbering Pod in which Sora slept in to the...
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    Kh FM+

    K thnx. My parents don't trust me with doing stuff myself other wise I would'nt be asking question -_-
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    Kh FM+

    Here was where all the links and stuff came up. Hopfully one of these was the one you chose.
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    Kh FM+

    Whomever. Right. . . .
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    Kh FM+

    okay well then lol. Anyway I have one last Q before this thread can end. When I pressed on 'where to buy' it gave me like 60 links. Was there a specific one you remember ordering on?
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    Kh3 combos

    But that's basically what a limit is. Combos used with another party member.
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    Kh FM+

    Why did a cop see it in the first place?
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    You can't. You must do everything else before you go to the final battle and save BEFOREHAND or it will not count.
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    There is no stop. It plays continously.
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    Um well for the ending screen that's supposed to happen. You should still hear music though. If there's music playing it's working. This also happens in KH1. As for the other thing it is something I guess is a glitch.
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    Kh FM+

    K well thank you. . .again. Tnx ^^ I think Riku looks Awesome in yours as well specially with Blind-Fold covering his eyes. I found these on photobucket but I really wish I could find a better Siggy I want something with Xemnas but. . .more flashy.
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    Kh FM+

    Ah okay. I was afraid it would have been up to a month or so. But I can wait a week. . . .maybe.
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    Kh FM+

    Yeah I was already on that site lol. How long did it take to be shipped? They said on Play-Asia the game itself would be shipped within 24hrs. But what about Swap Magic?
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    Kh FM+

    Thnk u very much. .
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    Kh FM+

    I still have the original. Okay Swap Magic is it something you must order or can you just go out and buy it?