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    Kh2 soundtrack

    thats a bunch of BS..... why the crap did they let out the 1st soundtrack???? Unless you are pulling my chain, hehehe........ But come on, they got to...
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    Kh2 soundtrack

    This has been bothering me for a while.... Yeah, when the crap will the kh2 soundtrack be available in the US? I looked everywhere, still no go.
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    Combo Attack Help!

    Tron's Complete Compilement i think
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    form gauge auto-refill

    Many of us already knew this trick, no biggie
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    Beating Xaldin Thread

    I just stock up 9 jumps then pund on him.
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    Mickey Battles

    i got him on Volcanic and Blizard lords DONT LAUGH, i was trying to show my cousin, because i have never gotten him before, My friend is so nooby he got him on Thresholder and possesser
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    synch blade ability

    you learn either of these abilities at lvl 99 Lucky Lucky MP Rage Thunder Boost MP Rage- Chose Sword Lucky Lucky- Chose staff Thunder boost- Chose Shield
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    Berserk Shot? (Wisdom form)

    I hope most of you know what berserk charge is. I equiped that ability on normal sora mode, since most support abilities are transferred to each form so you can use them there (i.e. scan, combo pluses) I used curaga in wisdom form and i entered MP charge, thats when charge berserk kicks in. I...
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    BS's Easy Drive Form upgrades-No BS

    I know a better master lvl up. Land of the dragons, drive before entering cave, break 2 carts and go to the main room defeat those centaurs, exit then reenter and destroy the carts. Once form guage is low, leave the world at save point
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    The Perfect Strategy To Obtain Final Form

    How bout, having a full drive guage, lvl 5 and Drive? I got mine in 3 tries, 3rd time i had a full guage
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    I got the ultima weapon before i beat xemnas, even before i tried to get him. heres where they are 100 Acre wood, Cave Obtain all synthesis materials Beat Atlantica Beat goddes of fate cup ... ... .. Cant' think of others
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    xigbar..what level?

    Have high jump and aireal dodge on.... when he appears on the other side of the room, or wherever, high jump twords him, to get close, then use aerial dodge, Aerial dodge should stop the bullets if he shoots them, once your up to him, pond on him with an air combo, have Aerial finish on
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    OFFICIAL Anti Form Cause

    In the Limited Edition Guide, there is a guide to anti form here is the cause. As soon as you drive 0-4 times (IN ANY TIME LIMIT) 0 % chance of Anti Form on Next Drive As soon as you drive 5-9 times (IN ANY TIME LIMIT) 10 % chance of Anti Form in Next drive As soon as you drive 10 or more...
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    Crazy rumors

    I remeber Darkness and Light Forms It was like Fusions with Riku and Roxas, one spec was close though, the Light form turned out to be final form
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    Form Abilities

    yeah thats what i thought it was, just checking, yes he was hit in the air. Is it automatic?
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    Sora's beam attack?

    That would be the explosion ability, that one is actually quite powerful
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    pongo summon

    No pongo, All the summons have been announced
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    Keyblade Combinations

    yes that would actually be a good combo to level up master form, to get more drive balls. Plus if you are in a form, and collect drive prizes, your drive time is increased and to back up my opinion Fatal Crest Fenrir This combonation is excellent on Master or final Form, since they are the...
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    Form Abilities

    Yes, even I get confused with Drive I was watching Hydra boss 2 on Gameinformer and sora does a jump, then a flip with a aero shiled around him. Is this double jump or high jump? High jump is Valor forms ability Double jump is Master Forms Ability How could he have Master form already, plus...
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    Keyblade Combinations

    That's a terrible combo, plus you can't choose what the Wisdom Wields THE BEST COMBONATION EVER IS Fatal Crest Fenrir for any dual wield forms, but my combos, if i have UltimaWeapon would be Valor- Ultima Weapon and Oblivion Wisdom-Ultima Weapon Master-Ultima Weapon and Fenrir Final-Ultima...