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    riku fanclub

    Everyone who likes riku come here! Evereyone who admires riku come here! And finaly, everyone who thinks riku is hot come here!!!!! Riku is probably the best person in kingdom hearts and I think that he should have a fanclub! Go riku!!!!
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    I'm soooooooooo bored so can someone entertain me? PM me or someting. I don't care what you do just entertain me!
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    INSULT the person above you

    *points to topic name* I think that explains it alll
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    Guess who this is

    Huess who this person below my writing is and you will win.....nothing! ahahahahahah it might be easy it might be hard but good luck! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ there it is!!!
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    Sports School

    This is a high school for people who want to learn sports and about sports. you need- Name- Age- Gender- Apperance- Personality- Sports- Here's mine Name-Giana Age-18 Gender-Female Apperance- (she's the one on the left) Pesonality-annoying, active, energetic Sports-Softball, soccer...
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    deh beach party

    This is a roleplay where there is a party on the beach and there's party stuff like games and teens blah blah blah here we go Name-Sakuya Age-17 Gender-female Apperance-(without deh gun) Personality-the party person, sweet, mature, loves swimming, beach parties, and guys.
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    da counting game

    okay all you have to do is say numbers in order it's too easy i just did this cuz I was board. okay i'll start 1 (next person says 2)
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    INSULT the person above you

    hehehehehe *point to topic name* that should explain it all
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    warrior high school

    Hi this is a roleplay for people who are warriors learn how to get stronger. There are 30 dorms. Here is what you need in your form Name- Age- Gender- Apperance- Facts- Weapon(s)- _________________________________________________________________ Here's my form Name- Myliah Age-17...
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    High school for angels and demons

    This is a high school roleplay for angels and demons. If you are going to play a human GET OUT!!! XD anyway here's what you need in your form- Name- Age- Gender- Angel or Demon- Apperance- Dorm- Note-there are 50 dorms _________________________________________________________________ My...
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    High school for the phychics

    this is a rp where there are people with phychic powers come to the school. It is an overnight stay for each semester. There are 20 dorms, and 3 people Max. in each dorm. This is what you need in your form. Name- Age- Gender- Apperance- Phychic abbilites- Dorm-...
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    Boarding school rp

    Hey people this is a boarding school role-play and yes romance is included. There are 30 dorms in each hall and there are four halls;North, south,east and west. Both girls and boys allowed. 3 people max. in each dorm. Here's what you need to fill out- Name- Age- Dorm- Gender- Apperance- Bio-...
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    Hey, I'm new!!!!

    Hey i'm *LightBlue*!!! This site is ttly fun so far!!!! I'm new and I love it!!! :D :p I hope I can make new friends here!!!