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    It has appeard!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya know, the only screens of Sora fusing with Donald that I've seen, were at Disney Castle. So wouldn't it be logical, if Sora learned that fusion from the orb? Maybe that orb thing was supposed be a great weapon, for disney castle, but they didn't know how to use it. Then Sora touches it at the...
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    It has appeard!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, we probably already were, but now were 100% the we get to play in PotC world and Disney Castle.... PotC seems very dark....I didn't realy like the movie though, it better be good in game version....
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    Demix- Full Scan!!!

    I don't understand why alot of people are reminded of Vexen. Personaly, I think Demix looks nothing like Vexen, if he looks like anyone, it'd be Lexaus (SP?)
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    Demix- Full Scan!!!

    Heh, 'spose it realy IS a guitar....
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    from what seen so far wfhat's your fav KH2 world?

    I don't realy have a fav, but I'm realy intrested in checking out Disney castle, then the Deep Dive world above all else.
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    a pic I saw on some jap KH2 site

    It could be that we'll get to fuse with other people besides Goofy and Donald. OOOORRR, it COULD be possible, that we get more than just one form with Donald/Goofy. Although, I would like to be able to fuse with other characters too......
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    Back again

    Well, somehow, I stoped coming to this site for a while. And, well....Im back :D
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    Offical RHG thread

    Ever notice that more than just Riku and Kairi went to Destiny Island? That means they all probably had their own little boat to get there...Or maybe they just flew........
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    Your opinion on this-

    http://img30.echo.cx/img30/1999/ugh0qs.jpg im just sorta depressed and bored so id like to know what you all have to think of this....(click on the image to make it more clear)
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    The Boondocks

    Well a couple weeks ago, I picked up the paper and started reading the comics and came across Boondocks. It cracked me up, and ive been reading it every day since then. And now- as if it was perfect timing- I found out Boondocks will be making an [adult swim] apperance!!! I was wondering, when...
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    How do you pronounce 'namine'?

    I went through CoM pronouncing it as "Na-meen"
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    Zisa took me a while, but i beat him.... Icey boy, well the saying- "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" applied to him.... Sepy was a bish to beat....killed me like ATLEAST 100 times b4 i finaly beat him....-_- and now everything is done except for Phantom.....i loathe that phantom
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    Your Favorite ► Favorite CURRENT HIT song

    Mines a 4 way tie, Ludacris- Number 1 spot Green Day- Holiday Bowling for Soup- Almost & G unit- hate it or love it
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    Title Screen Artwork (Hi Quality)

    No its a popsicle (sp?) its replaced the fish bone from KH1....
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    Is C.O.M. coming on PS2??

    No it will not. You see most games that are on a system such as PS2, Xbox, or GameCube are usualy in 3D not sprites (not the drink, the little computer made images made up by pixles)
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    Need help on Buus Furry

    Im in Babidis space ship on lv 3 (after you fight Yakon) and you have to find 3 switchs.....i went into the room thats furthest room that was linked with the left green light. I got that switch..i went into the bottom room thats linked with the green light thats to the right.....but i went into...
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    I need an answer.....

    my mothers bf is always causing problems.....me, my dad, and my mothers ex bf, punched him in the face, nocked him down, told him he needs to get his act together and he dosnt listin........he treats my mom like shit, he breaks in her closet and steals money from her, hes rude to her and dosnt...
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    Sora looks older or younger after KH?

    Re: sora. looks older or younger after the first one? he defenitly looks older and more mattured
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    Ansem report 12 about DiZ

    God, u ppl need to get off the whole hes Ansem theory.... He has nuthing to do with ansem, he only appeared as ansem to make Riku stronger........But of course these ppl were too busy makin up rumors to actualy PLAY THE DAMN GAME!!!!!!!! Oi que estas personas son tan ignorantes, ellos se...
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    How long did it take you to beat this game?

    I beat Soras story at bout 12/13 hours and i have somewhere around 6/7 hours on Rikus story.....But i havnt beat it yet, im still stuck on the final Ansem fight...... A-Hahahahahahahahahahaha.....Hohohohohohohohoho....hehehehehehehe jk man, its k, theres still alot of ppl who havnt beaten...