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    I remember hearing that you see Seifer in Twilight Town(in the S-E Party trailer) after seeing the part about "The Struggle." He says to BHK " Proof of your defeat. Did it burn?" Then BHK glares at him.He is of course accompanied by Fujin and Raijin.
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    Xaldin and Steamboat Willie

    Hey everyone this is from KHinsider.com.I haven't seen it on forums yet so I'll post it. "In a valley, Cloud and Leon are seen facing a Nobody with their backs turned towards the camera. Xaldin has been confirmed to be the 3rd member of The Order. Similar to how we revealed Aladdin's co-op...
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    I highly doubt Mickey will be playable. Riku...maybe but I doubt it.I don't want there to be too much switching of characters.
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    My Theory (basically about the keyblades and KH2)

    Ah, a new well thought out theory.Very refreshing , I haven't seen a theory this good in a while.
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    The Organization member's names...

    Xaldin is the organization member that was revealed at E3.He has black hair and long sideburns.Supposedly he wields several weapons(can't remember number).
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    Starting over or continueing?

    Starting over. The game would be boring and waaaay too easy.
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    in-between existence

    It means they are not light nor dark.They are "in-between".Twilight.
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    Can somebody tell me?

    Do you know how old that link by S King is? It still has Mulan as "heavily rumored."But where have you heard Sword in the Stone is confirmed? Also, even if EGM says Lilo and Stitch is confirmed it doesn't make it true.
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    13 points Anylisation.

    I think it was more like "this time I'll protect you" but yeah it's when Sora's a heartless and they're surrounded. But I don't think that the quote is referring to KH, I think they're referring to something that may happen in KH2.
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    best keyblade

    Well obviously Ultima Weapon is the most powerful, but of the others I like Lionheart the best.
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    Ruku or BHK

    We've seen very little of BHK in action in the trailers, and we have seen nothing of Riku, so I cannot say.
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    axle theory

    I doubt Axel is the keyblade master that brings destruction and ruin because Nomura said that Axel's story would make players "shed the most powerful tears."
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    Darkness.... What is it?

    Good and evil are points of view. That's why there is no good side/bad side in war.
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    Im sure this will solve nothing.......

    Lol look at the thread name.
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    KH fun facts

    Heh, could you imagine fighting Irvine on DI? He'd have a gun and you'd have a wooden sword.
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    As far as I know FFVII:AC is coming out for UMD(for PSP) and DVD.
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    Kingdom Hearts2 Awards part 2

    Axel, because he is cunning and seems to always be one step ahead.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 awards part 1

    Sora, because he beat everything that has come at him, but i would like to see the extent of the BHK's and Riku's power.
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    Kingdom Hearts awards

    I vote Sora, but I think Riku will be much stronger now that he is no longer possessed by the darkness.
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    Hey non-existant one i like your sig.