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    How do I beat the final boss?

    Well, if its Marluxia, then you would need the combo attack, Omnislash (Thats a combanation of 3 Cloud cards. Make sure, that you have 3 cards having 8 card point or higher, so that he can't negate your attack.) Also you would have to have some elixer, or some potion that can heal you good...
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    Rate Kingdom Heats: Chain of Memories

    I'd give Kingdom Hearts CHain of Memories, a 10/10. It was a great game for the GBA, and the sprites for being 2D, were awsome. The plot was great. The whole game in general was great.
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    have you beaten the game?

    Yeah... except, it sucks that you can't use Riku when your going up against someone.
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    Disapointed In Ultima Weapon...

    Man, the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 2 really disapointed me. In power, its not the strongest, and in the looks, it doesn't look that good compared to the first Ultima Weapon on Kingdom Hearts. I thought when I got the Ultima Weapon, I would get the same looking Ultima Weapon, but no... I...
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    Need help on KH:CoM

    Well, I have some pointer, that will give the edge in beating Riku. You need to get 3 Cloud cards, to creat the combo attack called Omni Slash. It takes out a lot of HP. But just don't have 3 Cloud card, you need to get 6 Cloud cards, so you can perform it twice to take away more HP. Also when...
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    Who do you think is the best character in Kingdomhearts 2?

    Well I think my favorite character, is Auron. Reply if you have a favorite character in the new upcoming game Kingdomhearts 2. Dark32
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    Im gonna break this f**kin gameboy I hate Marluxia

    Well the first thing you need to do, is that if you can't beat the first form of Marluxia, then like the first post said, to have 15-20 cards in your deck, so you can reload faster. Have Card ranges from 0,8,9, so then you can have a lot of card breaks. An important item you should also have, is...
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    The Blonde Guy????

    I wanted to know more about the blonde haired guy, because he says that he knows Sora, but I never seen him in none of the Kingdomhearts Game, except for the video at that end. If any one could tell me who is he a little bit more with detail, please respond. You know I hope you can play with...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2

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    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

    Hello forum members, I was wondering, if anyone knows how to defeat Mrluxia, because that dude is hard. And if you know anything about how to get the Ultima weapon keyblade, that would help a lot. Thanks.