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    Dark Road ► Player's data version

    Ok it's been a long dark road 😂 so I might not remember correctly but..... Did the endings of X/UX imply dark charity exists in the real world or just the data world at that point? And if so....whatever happened to it ? Did the darkness revealed in the finale pass all the way to xehanort too...
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    Ff7R Does cloud remember???

    Lol I have numerous times since I was born in 1996 and started playing age 4. that’s a funny and interesting opinion you have there... considering the amount of uncertainty and questions/numerous theories surrounding what we experienced (and have yet to see) in the (key word) remake 🙄
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    Ff7R Does cloud remember???

    Does Cloud remember physically killing Sephiroth throughout part 1? (By your interpretation.) Maybe he doesn’t in this version. Sub questions- What does he remember doing immediately afterward?.. does Jenova fill the gaps in his 5 year intubation with false memories? Or does he remember...
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    Ff7R Does cloud remember???

    At this point up until Part 2, does he actually remember killing Sephiroth??? I think once he tells the story the party will start to question the obvious like where he went afterward and what he did for the next 5 years.
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    Final Fantasy Shower Thoughts

    How did Tidus NOT disperse into pyreflies every time Yuna performed a sending through the game ???!!
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    FF7R + OG Cloud, Implications for future plot points

    As someone who has played the OG multiple since 2000, I have always felt the vague and incomplete dialogue/translations had more meaning.. I always had some head canon that there was minor truths to Sephiroth’s manipulation (and it is known the story wasn’t fully fleshed out.. due to many...
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    Dark Road ► Xehanort’s waypoint, who is it?

    The beginning scenes of Dark road show the robed man stating that he and Xehanort are “each other’s waypoints”. We can assume there is only a heart under the robe like how Ansem SOD first appeared to Sora in the secret place. So when he opened the portal to Xehanort what happened did he regain...
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    KHUX ► What happened to Ava???

    What are the possibilities or assumptions we have for her disappearance? We assume the foretellers went with MoM to the unreality but how could she have escaped or fled as Luxu suggests she had her own plans in KH3 ending ? I’m wondering if there is a older scene we are missing that can...
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    “Cloud running around nature” FFVII Part 2

    Some expectations and hopes I have for our leaving Midgar experience in Part 2 -Brief explanation/back story as to why the surrounding area outside Midgar is a wasteland, we know it’s from mako extraction but further emphasis on the deforestation and lack of greenery is really appealing to me...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    I thought this at first, but Luxu actually jumps bodies so that leaves one more space for alternating those last few choices🤯 the two missing spaces are either Skuld, Ava, or many believe Strelitzia... hmmm🤔
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    KHUX ► Ark, True Dandelion, and Kh3 Secret ending assumptions

    With today’s update, “the true dandelion” is confusing us all. So far possibilities include: 1. Ventus since he was deemed as pure light just before, but we know how KH uses word plays and red herrings...he was actually the false dandelion 🤔 2. Strelitzia due to the similar white robe. But...
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    Yozora = UX player?

    I agree. When I first acknowledged comparisons between Yozora and Ephemer I thought it could be possible, but after further speculation It seems a little too easy, and repetitive (like how Riku and Answem/Xemnas all shared the grey hair tones I kind of think that pattern is to throw us off.)...
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    Yozora = UX player?

    I like that theory too since there is such a heavy foreshadowing toward him being “split” due to the eyes and parallels with Riku , I’m sure it is beyond our comprehension Nomura had to make it so complicated, double sided and mysterious that no one could actually pin point it of course, but all...
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    Yozora = UX player?

    Could Yozora be the player from Khux? I know we have speculated he might be A player, or an avatar in that game/fictional world on the other side. Or possibly he body snatched somebody, but what if ? Some people speculate player got left behind at the ark instead of being sent to the future, but...