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    Just a Quick Question

    I'm sure there will be a picture before there is a name. And dont make up fake names. Believe it or not, some people tend to believe them. Stay true to the forums. Basically, don't be a retard.
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    Good Terra, Bad Terra

    According to previous threads that i have read, apparently eyes turn yellow when involved with, or in the presence of great darkness (a.k.a maleficent?). I suppose people would assume that he is evil because of his involvement with the disney villains. But he may just be plotting with them to...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Vol. 3 out soon?

    This has actually been known for quite some time. But, i mean, why wouldnt they? There was a KHI manga, a CoM manga. Theres gotta have to be a KHII manga. I've only seen the first one, but thats it.
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    keyblade change

    Very good eye. I can tell that you will be a valuable resource in future speculation.
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    Deep Jungle

    I honestly didnt like that level. I just thought they felt the same way and got tired of it :3 But if it has to do with securing the copyrights, then thats a good reason. 358/2 days today! WOOT!
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    BBS and the PSPGo?

    Yes, it would be a bad marketing decision to make bbs pspgo only. There are still many ppl who have the old psp. you know the ones that first came out? I'm one of them. ive had it for 3 and a half years goin on 4 years. It's remained perfect all these years, and theres no tellin how many times...
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    Christmas killed the mood.

    Halloweentown was honestly one of my least favorite worlds in khII. I wasn't sure why...but it may have been the Christmas buzzkill effect...idk. good point though. props for sharing opinions.
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    Demyxs name

    The solved Organization XIII anagrams are the ones of Ansem the Wise's apprentices, no? So would that mean that the rest are just left to random speculation? Any thoughts?
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    possible relationship!?

    We have yet to see any kind of "relationship" amongst any of the main characters in any of the games, and something tells me we never will. It's too kid friendly to insert an element of "relationship". Sora and Kairi will probly be as close as we get to something of that nature.
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    Riku's nobody...

    I wouldnt be surprised to find out that axel is riku's nobody...yet i dont think nomura would be THAT obvious...so idk.