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    What FF characters should have been in KH2!

    Definatly Vincent. And Adult Seifer. Because those two just rock.
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    KH2 Game from america working on a british PS2?

    It's a MOD Chip for us in Australia. That might be what you need. No clue where you get them from.
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    Cid's Voice?

    Cid's voice bugs me more than Aeriths. And she's just terribly BORING! Quote Boo: He sounds like a Redneck-Bogan=-Hillbilly! Me: GETTOFF MA PROPERTY! *headdesk*
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    Someone Made A Joke/Spoof of the IGN Review!! (MUST READ!!)

    XD Gotta love the people who make fun.
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    uhhh is this too easy....

    I only used Tinkerbell because she healed you. And I sucked at healing fast enough and prefered to stand back and simply shoot fire at people. ^^ But there was lots of X button mashing. Lots of it.
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    Attn: Australians!!!

    XD. I scared my local EB workers when I went in at lunch today. They were the staff that don't know me (a new guy, the manager that's rarely in and this other guy), i scared them. (They don't know me because I usually go in after school or on a weekend. Not at 12 on a Friday afternoon). We...
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    Attn: Australians!!!

    *makes plans to SPRINT to EB after school tomorrow and BEG with the guys there.* I'm known in both local stores as "The crazy girl who always asks about KH2 when she comes into buy manga". XD I walked in last week and the guys gone: Computer still says April 1st. No change yet, girl. Damn...
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    Uh, i'm new. I'm in Australia, usually sitting at my computer. ^^; I don't visit forums outside of my homeone much so this is kind of a new experiance. Really, I haven't been in any forum except CBia for about... 5 years. So, yeah. I'm Kate but you can also call me Nubi or Wonder, or my...