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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    NO SPAM! >.< she'll be ready when shes ready.
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    because shes busy....hey K&S long time no read your stuff haha.
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    how has this not been closed yet? like GG said, some mod please close this. :D thank you
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    Help/Support ► You People may Not care.

    hey SH congrads! glad to hear this finnaly got settled out. i probably didn't read well...which i know i didnt...but your moving out of your mom's right? happy for you
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    Rage getting back together?

    yes, finnaly it is true. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/music/la-et-coachella22jan22,1,6747076.story?track=rss and i will be attending this...hopefully. i think that its fair to say that all rockers should celebrate. This band was revolutionary (litterally) and will hopefully...
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    i need help

    ok, ill admit it. i have a mac. it stinks. i was wondering if anyone knew how to make an icon become a folder. and if u do, please tell me.
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    New additions to FM and COM?

    hmm...maybe the sad battle with one of the org members is Sora vs Roxas during that cutscene in TWTNW. instead of watching it, you get to play it. i know i wanted to
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    Gameplay CoM

    thats cuase u only press x when u play right? i mean, comon, i bet u never even used a combo in kh2
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    Hey K&S, its ok. I'm sry to hear about the death of someone that i can tell was very close to you, in your family. Thank you for the explanation. Me, Gamergirl, slinky, Goldie, and all the rest of us will always be waiting for u here. I think i speak for everyone when i say that we'll miss you.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: TGS KH2:FM Page awsome find. u now rule. congrads
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    ok, we know it good, i left the forums for at least a month, and this thread went from sixtey somthin to 75. if u like it, cool. u dont have to say it needs an update, she is gone, and is not coming back....ever...deal with it. do not bump or say anything in this thread about adding on
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    jfc, we are still talking on this thread....enof alrady, jus listen to Gamergirl and SHUT UP its still the best thing ive ever read on this site
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    ok, so ive been at these forums for quite a while now (i've gone through 2 sn's) and ever since, i have been digelently looking for fellow surfers in the forums. so far, i have found none that know what a snap turn, cut-back, or layback is. now, i know there has to be somone on here that does...
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    Genji: Dawn of the Samuri & Genji 2

    i dont know if anyone has played these games, but the first one was really good. the second one is coming out with the release of PS3 so, i cant wait for that. heres some trailers for the second one: http://media.ps3.ign.com/media/761/761160/vids_1.html thank you ign
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    Soul Caliber 3

    you know what, i gota give this game some credit. whenever im bored at home, and i really dont feel like playin Kh or any other rpg, and i want to just slice somtin up....i turn to this game.
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    The Chasers. I think I know what they are.

    congrads NOS! good job! 252525
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    we know, but she hasnt come yet....
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    The Chasers. I think I know what they are.

    yeah, about the keychain things. so far, only sora and roxas are the only ones we've seen holding a keyblade with a keychain. as i said before, it might be becuase they have memories to hold on to, such as Sora saying that he'll come back for Kairi, and Roxas saying he'll see Namine again...
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    the World Cup

    yeah, even tho its over, just figured peeps mite wana talk about it...Yeah ITaly!
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    The Chasers. I think I know what they are.

    hmmm i dont really like the whole number thing.