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    why riku is blindfolded??

    I've heard, and agree with, the reason being that "The eyes reveal the truth of the heart." (I think Mickey says it...?) Taking on Xenoheart's appearance, he didn't want anyone to be able to tell the truth, hence the blindfold. Because the blindfold's there when he's normal but not when he's...
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    I read somewhere that its so no one will be able to see his "true form" under Xenohort's appearance. Something about how "the eyes always reveal the truth of the heart."
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    Riku and Keyblades?

    So in footage from near the end, Riku gives Kairi a Keyblade. ?!? Anybody know the name of this one? And where'd he get the extra Keyblade?!? Anyone know?:confused:
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    Screencap request

    I was just wondering if anyone would mind sharing screencaps of Riku from in-game near the end, after he's taken off the Order coat. I'm recreating the costume, and desperately need pictures. Thanks in advance, if anyone can share. ^_^
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    Yep, and I just don't get it. Is there a point? Is it supposed to be a clue as to who he is? Or had the character designers just been watching Lord of the Rings that day and thought, "Hey, pointy ears! Why not?!"
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    General Observations, nothing earth-shattering

    General Order Member Observations, nothing earth-shattering, I guess Lots of curiosity about those unnamed Order members, and that unnamed member with the long silver hair that says Riku and the king have disappeared. So I've been doing some old trailer searching, pondering, etc. 1. The SU and...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Jap Site updated

    Hmm. Have you noticed that when you click on member 13 - you see a Order member with the hood up. However, you click on member 1 - and it won't how anything but the "loading" window. Now I'm really suspicious about The Superior...
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    A second Awakening? Or BHK's Dream maybe?

    I was rewatching the newest pv and noticed something near the end that I don't think anyone's mentioned yet. If someone has...umm...sorry... One, and the strangest, is the stained glass window platform with Sora, Riku, Kairi, etc. that's supposed to be in the BHK's Awakening. But if you pause...
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    Spoilers- BHK's name

    Really hate to burst your bubble, but look again - it's just the reflection that's on the screen the whole way through.