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    Chech out the Kingdom Hearts 3 box cover

    I found it on a web site it is pretty rare to find this type of pic
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    Kingdom Hearts Difficulty setting

    I have noticed that depending on the level of difficulty you play kingdom hearts the more of the story is shown, I do not know if anyone has noticed, but I have beat both kingdom hearts in highest difficulty and it shows some scenes that are not in regular difficulty
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    Ultima Weapon

    What does ultima weapon look like in KH1, I never seen it because I cant find the freagin mistery goo,s but I would like to see it anyone post a pick please
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    What is your Lucky keyblade?

    My lucky jeyblade is oblivion, it is the only keyblade that I can beat sephiroth with, I beat sephiroth in both KH 1 and KH2 at lvl 40. I dont know why but oblivion is my boss killer keyblade
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    What new characters should be in KH3

    These are my choices Storm:Final Fantasy 13 versus Vaan:Final FantasyXII Zidane:FinalFantasyIX Tidus and Wakka should come back Lulu:FinalFantasyX Moombas:FinalFantasyVIII Clouds best friend from Soldier I forget his name should be in it Fayt:Star Ocean, game made by square enix Jack...
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    OrganisationXIII Trainees

    This roleplay is completely fictional, it is like a highschool for nobodies that want to become the next group that attempts to open kingdom hearts incase the leaders fail, all characters must be original. post character name, age, weapon, bio, and wether they are part of the axel faction or...
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    KH3 main character speculation

    who might be the main character for kingdom hearts 3, I am leaning towards Sora more grown up but Terra and Ven are good to what does everyone else think