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    Do U Think That KH2MX+ will release in NA

    i hope so. i heard from one of my friends that it is.
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    Floating Island

    does anyone know how to get the 7th and the 11th items on the item list for mission 2 on the Floating Island gummi route. i know this is a really specific question but if you can help me out please do so. thx
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    ok, i just beat the part of Hollow Bastion with the big army of 1000 heartless but i never finished the first part of Halloween Town, Pride Lands, or Atlantica. will i be able to finish the first parts of those worlds?
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    High Jump

    thanks 4 the help
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    High Jump

    you do know im talking about REGULAR SORA right? not valor form Sora. if you did know that then ok im just making sure.
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    High Jump

    ok how do u get high jump for regular Sora and how do u level it up. i've got high jump lvl 1 but my friends are farther than me, ones beat the game the others at the last world and they both don't have high jump.
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    Need help on demyx.

    make sure u have donald using his "Donald Thunder" freely and fire, blizzard, and cure conservatively. and don't use drive while trying to beat the water forms. and use the dance reaction command thing
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    how u save?

    um, yeah both my little brothers have been playing video games since they were four or five. and one of my little brothers was 5 years old when Kingdom Hearts came out and we got it, and he figured out how to save on his own.
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    Cid Highwind

    yeah i just found out that its Chris Edgerly today and he's the same person who does Cid's voice in Advent Children. :( i think i'll hurl if i have to hear his voice again. i just really hope this Chris Edgerly guy didn't do Cid's voice like that for Advent Children.
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    Cid Highwind

    dangit i've looked like everywhere and i can't find out who does Cid's voice in KH2. so tell me if you know