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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    Larxene,Zexion,Marluxia, Vexen,and Riku Replica
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    The "I'm getting/got KH2FM+ in March!!" Thread

    i'll get it when it comes out in NA; thats if it makes it here, is it?
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    Re: Sora and Goofy's new weapons Goofy's shield looks like a gingerbread man lol
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    it took me so long to beat him but i just kept card breaking him and when he came down, wham!
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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    i love the battle between Sora and Larxerenne
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    just a question

    i know there are some changes between kh2 final mix+ and kh2, but are there enough changes to buy final mix+?
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    My two cents on the secret movie

    this is kinda confusing :confused:
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    I actually have the Ultima Wepon and I will say this, you only need 7 Orichalcum t These are their locations: Receive from Moogle Finish Starry Hill at The Hundred Acer Woods Finish "A New Day Is Dawning" at Atlantica Finish Goddes of Fate Cup at Olympus Coliseum Open the Teresure Chest at...
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    dark sora in timeless river

    I got anti-form alot in TWTNW.
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    Kairis Keyblade

    At first it looked like the keyblade from Hundred Acer Woods,Sweet Memories.
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    Sephiroth easier in KH2?

    I think he's harder in the first,in the first I could only get two hits(I know,pretty pethetic huh?)and the second im level 77 And I got him Down two the second last bar
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    Is this forum for Atlantica,or a Jesse McCartney fan club we should be talking about why we like or dislike that finny fun crap
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    Summons in Kh2

    Dude do you know how wrong that sounds(But he is a cool summon,takes out enimies quick huh
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    3rd Underdrome Cup (can't remember the name)

    Here is a list of whow the summons do in the turnement but also you need to grow your summon level,remember that: Scoring: Excellent Adverage Poor Horrible Peter Pan:Excellent Stitch:Adverage Chicken Little:Poor Geinie:Excellent
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    Ultima-wepon trouble

    Hey has anyone got the ultima-wepon yet cause i need help!I need to know where I can get orichulum + other than cheasts because i already got all of the cheasts.If some one could help me it would sure be ,well helpful
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    What do you think of the summons?

    I thought the lack of summons were disappointing but I thought the worst summon was Chicken Little and the best was Stitch
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    Anti form sucks

    Whoever thinks anti-form sucks must be pretty weak if it werent for anti i wouldnt have beaten the majority of the org. bosses
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    Kingdom Hearts II Good or bad?

    I'm half-n-half, I like the game play and story line to Kingdom Hearts II,but I thought it was too short I mean I got the game Wendsday but I beat it the monday after the realese.
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    New Summons w/ Old Summons?

    They should have made Mushu a summon too
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    am i the only one getting the game when it comes out in the US?

    I reserved the game in august last year and i just need to wait until the day it comes out for me to get it