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  1. Terraearthman15

    I'm back

    I have been on and off of KHInsider for 3 years now, yet I keep finding my way back to this forum. I guess it's because of all the wonderful people I've encountered here. Ounce again I'm back, and oddly enough my 15th birthday is tomorrow. That means that I am eligible to take my permit test...
  2. Terraearthman15

    Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/original of the series?

    Re: Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/ original of the serie My favorite overall of the KH series is BBS, however I still enjoy playing KH1 over and over again.......and I feel like I notice something new about it every time I play it. The challenge is...
  3. Terraearthman15

    Ending of Dream Drop Distance

    When the Heartless and Nobody are destroyed the Original is remade, meaning Xehanort is coming back. His multiple forms if they appear might be as simple as Xehanort(old creepy guy form) and Terranort(Xehanort/Terra combined).
  4. Terraearthman15

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep possibly going cellular......

    With Sony's new android phone model: "Xperia Play". Brings a whole entire new meaning to Cell Phone games. the Xperia is a phone that slides out and transforms into a Sony gaming device(resembling a mixture of a PSP and a PS3). The Xperia comes with 7 pre:loaded games on it. It also can obtain...
  5. Terraearthman15

    Your favorite Monster?

    What was your favorite type of monster throughout the KH series, mine is the quick and agile Unversed. What is your favorite monster type?
  6. Terraearthman15

    Did anyone else love Ven?

    Ven had advantages, but as far as love him I'd have to say I didn't. Faith and salvation are basically were the only good commands he had.
  7. Terraearthman15

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Re: Your Reaction when you defeat Mysterious Figure? I know this is off subject but I loved Mean Girls(the Movie the picture is from)! Also MF is harder then heck, I barely survived Vanitas' sentiment :(.
  8. Terraearthman15

    Do you think?

    I think that KH would not have come this far from just original content, seemings how over half the series is based on Disney characters with a few major FF but not much. 75% picked up KH because of FF, 10% because of Disney(Me for example), 15% because square-enix made the game.
  9. Terraearthman15

    Birth by Sleeps BIGGEST MYSTERY!

    Your friend is stupid, Ven doesn't vanish, he goes to a chamber in Castle Oblivion to rest. Xion was created from Sora's memories not Kairi's.
  10. Terraearthman15

    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    Can't wait, my DS got water in it's circuits so I need a new one any ways XD!
  11. Terraearthman15

    KH:BbS - Ad-hoc Party (Discussion and PSN IDs)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Ad-hoc Party PSN ID's I'm just wondering... Is it possible to connect a psp to wi-fi hotspot for the same effect?
  12. Terraearthman15

    Friend D-Link and multilplayer for BBS made easy

    Well, I'm not 100% sure but I think your able to go to the start menu in BBS(story mode) go to your list of D-links then click on any friend D-Links you have and you might be able to delete them that way, I'll try and find more information that I can back up with proof sometime tonight.
  13. Terraearthman15

    Friend D-Link and multilplayer for BBS made easy

    Thanks Lanxx, I'm glad you liked it XD!
  14. Terraearthman15

    Friend D-Link and multilplayer for BBS made easy

    K, thanks for the extra information personally I have never played the Jap version I am updating main post now
  15. Terraearthman15

    Friend D-Link and multilplayer for BBS made easy

    K well lets start off with the easy stuff first, I have found out a lot players aren't wanting to use the D-Link ability well Keep on reading and you'll be dieing to try it our with your friends! Versus Mode: up to a total of six players may play but you have to use preselected decks...... But...
  16. Terraearthman15

    Which Character to chose?

    Well, my friends and I have it planned I will go Terra, Ventus, Aqua. Then Z@$^ will go Ventus, Aqua, Terra. Then S!*%%@ will go Aqua, Terra, Ventus. Because we are starting out with who we are the most like out of the three of us plus my friends and are a Trio of two boys and one girl any way...
  17. Terraearthman15

    Birth by Sleep GameStop photos; back of official game box revealed?

    Think about it Seraph the Days Poofy Box and Preorder case thing looked different but the poofy box was what the real case looked like.
  18. Terraearthman15

    Birth by Sleep GameStop photos; back of official game box revealed?

    I honestly hate to admit it but Future is 100% legit. Today I went to Gamestop and the Big Fat Poofy Boxes they have(the bbs one in particular) are identical to the pictures Future has posted the only difference is nothing.
  19. Terraearthman15

    Sora Saving the Old Masters

    Wrong for instance if payed attention to bbs Vanitas/Ventus morphed their hearts together forming the X-Blade(full version) and when they were inside their combined body fighting for control in vens final battle of bbs.. vanitas won and then Ven's Heart was injuered by the onsluahgt of darkness...
  20. Terraearthman15

    Question about BBS memory size

    Ounce again no problem XD