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  1. Iwrestledabearonce

    Click: The Game - Part 3 (5-day AH Delivery Edition)

    So, uh, no thread for this exists yet. And it should. LET'S DISCUSS HOW TO GRIND LOOT SUCCESSFULLY. Also, D3 Open Beta Weekend was seriously amazing, and if you didn't play it, you missed out. If you played it, and you're whining about the difficulty, see the video below...
  2. Iwrestledabearonce

    I like [x], where do I go with this?

    BASICALLY, this idea is to either help people who are new to an artist, and want to hear similar sounding stuff, OR to figure out where to start with an artist, due to an expansive discography. For starters; David Bowie. Where should I start with this legend? What albums are a "must-listen", in...
  3. Iwrestledabearonce

    IDM/EDM/Electronic Music General~

    Because, hey, if rap and metal have their own, why not this? Talk about whatever you want, from ambient to WUBWUBWUB to. . . well, anything. Except Merzbow. fuq dat gui. Me, I just got Amon Tobin's "new" album, Isam. I have to say, wasn't a fan of him up until now, but uh. . . damn. Dude's...
  4. Iwrestledabearonce

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    this one time, i thought i was pregnant, but it was just that i swallowed a bowling ball. i swear, the thing kicked me. maybe you did the same thing?
  5. Iwrestledabearonce

    Animals As Leaders

    Jesus Christ guys, let's discuss some GOOD 'OL PROGRESSIVE MUSIC. Oh yeah, just to start this off: "When I first heard Animals as Leaders I felt as though I was at last hearing the future of heavy, virtuoso guitar playing. It's quite amazing." - Steve MOTHERFCKN Vai Animals as Leaders on...
  6. Iwrestledabearonce

    Tegan and Sara - could be delicious wincest

    It'd be pretty cool. Anyways, here's a snippet from Wikipedia: "Tegan and Sara is a Canadian indie pop/indie rock/New Wave band led by identical twins Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin (born September 19, 1980). Both Tegan and Sara play guitar and keyboard and write songs, most often...
  7. Iwrestledabearonce


    "Fatalism is a philosophical doctrine emphasizing the subjugation of all events or actions to fate or inevitable predetermination. Fatalism generally refers to several of the following ideas: 1. That free will does not exist, meaning therefore that history has progressed in the only manner...
  8. Iwrestledabearonce

    SPOILERS Why BBS is good and bad

    Ignore this, fuck my computer.
  9. Iwrestledabearonce

    SPOILERS Why BBS is good and bad

    There can be a lot of inconsistency in some of the battles. That's my largest complaint. On my first attempt at defeating MX, I got him down no problemo. Once he took over Terra's body, it instantly became a guard-fest. Oh, and he has a fair amount of cheap attacks when he's Terranort. Took me...
  10. Iwrestledabearonce

    Bloc Party

    I've been listening to these guys a lot more, and I've found that I can enjoy their music a lot more once I understand their concepts. They're a four-piece "indie" rock band, but they put emphasis on all of the instruments being used in equal amounts, though not necessarily at the same time...
  11. Iwrestledabearonce

    CING file for bankruptcy

    Nintendo Everything – Our second language is Nintendo++ Blog Archive Little King’s Story developer files for bankruptcy Well, there goes Last Window. Fuck.
  12. Iwrestledabearonce

    Injuries, and how you got them.

    Title says it all. State any amusing/painful injuries that you've had, and the quirky story to go along with it. Last night, I went to a concert (Cancer Bats/Billy Talent/Alexisonfire/Against Me! fuck yarr), and I was in a mosh pit. I fell down, and somebody stomped my ankle. So, I went to...
  13. Iwrestledabearonce

    Prize for Sentiment In BBS

    Well, the fact that there's a Sentiment in the game isn't really a spoiler. It's not saying whom the Sentiment is for, so it's up to people's imagination.
  14. Iwrestledabearonce

    Help/Support ► ear piercing. help.

    Fairly typical thing for an ear to do. Mine did the same thing, and I got it pierced with a safety pin. Blood, a bit of pain, pain with pressure, and what felt like a lump. Went away after a week or so. Oh, and as it has been noted before, don't take your piercings out too often. That can just...
  15. Iwrestledabearonce

    Cry All You Want

    Followed Rhys tutorial (found in the Resources section), and this was my outcome. I'm enjoying it, even though the text is meh. C'n'C, if you would?
  16. Iwrestledabearonce

    Birth by Sleep Live Stream Link

    Tales Square. on Justin.tv Current live stream going on. Last I saw, this guy was on Aqua, but he may have moved on to Ventus. EDIT: He's on Aqua. Currently in Olympus.
  17. Iwrestledabearonce


    Kurt Zisa, Sephiroth, and Ice Titan were exclusive to NA, I believe. And then. . . Final Mix.
  18. Iwrestledabearonce


    It wasn't cut, it was merely moved to Land of Departure. I've seen it on a justin.tv stream. Oh, and it can't have been cut out. The screenshot is from the JF2010 trailer, which would have had things from the complete game, not concepts.
  19. Iwrestledabearonce

    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    Heartless exist naturally in the Realm of Darkness. Xehanort's experiments brought them about in the Realm of Light. Xehanort most likely thought he created Heartless, but they already existed in the RoD, trying to get out. Vanitas is the reason Unversed exist. When he's defeated, the Unversed...
  20. Iwrestledabearonce


    Reconnect! KINGDOM HEARTS. Let the speculation begin.