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  1. Dark Master

    Are there any artists doing requests?

    Feel free to delete this thread if I broke rules posting this, but are there any artists on here that take requests? Looking for a new sig and avi
  2. Dark Master

    Anybody remember me? I'm back :D (TGFX, Patius, FinalKeyblade)

    Hey KH world, how is everyone? I use to be a very frequent member here years ago and pretty popular in the RPG inferno era and the digital media section back in the day. You might remember me as Final Keyblade, Patius, or Tenacious GFX, I see a few of my old friends still on here so I hope to...
  3. Dark Master

    TV ► Gundam series?

    So which gundam series should I watch? Ive always been a fan of the gundam franchise and have seen G gundam, gundam wing, 08th ms team, gundam seed, a little bit of the original gundam and some of gundam z. Ive also seen gundam force SD but I dont think that needs to be brought up lolol so any...
  4. Dark Master

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You Lol well thanks, that answers everything perfectly! But when was this information released? I really enjoyed this series back when I had a ds, days of fun but I haven't been able to play solo remix
  5. Dark Master

    Are there any Dragon Quest games for PS3

    So ive never played dragon quest butbhe heard good things about the series so I was wondering if there were any for the ps3?
  6. Dark Master

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You So is there a possibility that there will be a sequel to this game?
  7. Dark Master

    Favorite summon from a Final Fantasy game

    So I just wanted to see what everyone's favorite summon is out of any of the final fantasy games, im gonna go with Brynhildr and Alexander from FFXIII. I love the character designs and the attacks they perform
  8. Dark Master

    pregnancy scares

    Sooo has anyone else ever had a pregnancy scare? I already have a two year old and this morning out of the blue my girlfriend asked me to go get a pregnancy test. The first time she took a pregnancy test was scary but already having a kid and taking another pregnancy test when you're barely 21...
  9. Dark Master

    TV ► Netflix recommendations?

    I recently got netflix and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? Of course I see alot of old cartoons and shows I watched as a kid but more recent shows and cartoons maybe
  10. Dark Master

    Official NBA 2k14 Thread

    So I've been a fan of the 2k series for awhile and the games have really taken off since about 2k10, each one getting better and better with game mechanics and graphics. So this thread right here is for any discussion about the game and its features. My psn for ps3 if anyone wants to play is...
  11. Dark Master

    TV ► Final Fantasy Unlimited

    So I stumbled across this show after never even hearing about it previously and I have to admit it was a good find. The story is pretty good and the animation is great. So has anyone seen this series? Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. Dark Master

    Sports ► NBA Season 2013-2014

    So who's ready for the season to start?! I know I am, my team is Okc and I can't wait to see what plays they have come up with for this year
  13. Dark Master

    Final Fantasy Unlimited

    Has anyone seen this show? I had never heard of it until the other day I stumbled through my friends dvd case when we were trying to figure out what to watch. It only has 23 episodes but its actually pretty awesome and has a good story.
  14. Dark Master

    I just bought a PS3, game suggestions?

    So I just bought a ps3, does anyone have any game suggestions for me? I bought final fantasy XIII, XIII-2, and dragonball z burst limit but I'm really into trying anything. I'm into anything from fallout to forza to street fighter so bring on the suggestions!
  15. Dark Master

    I'm back! anyone remember me? aka patius aka final keyblade

    Hey KHI, I've returned to the forums after my long break. Hopefully some of y'all people will remember me, but I'm also looking forward to meeting newer members. I previously went by the names patius, troy, or final keyblade. I usually would hang around the rpg inferno back in the day and around...
  16. Dark Master

    My vision has been healed!

    Gift for HV :D v1 v2 Cnc
  17. Dark Master

    SALTY!!! :D

    Gift for SALTY Cnc nigs
  18. Dark Master

    Beautiful flower

    just practicing my depth v2
  19. Dark Master


    Cnc :D
  20. Dark Master


    meh latest, made this for the remake competition CnC Wanted to see what it looked like in B&W so i tried it lol