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    Who did you prefer? AND WHY?

    Riku. Why? Because I found that it was much less of a hassle playing with Riku than with Sora. Also, Riku's soul eater was, overall and IMO, superior as well as his sleights. Of course, this is all to a point, but still, it was fun.
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    Is it just me, or did COM suck?

    By all means, CoM could have been adjusted. Heck, if it came out on DS we'd probably have a near-exact copy of KH considering the graphical capabilities of the DS. But still, CoM didn't "suck." Otherwise, why do you think I bothered to level up to level 86? (Not that I needed to <__<;;)
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    God Another Poll

    You know, I don't know. So I picked all of them! Though I'd rather use nuclear bombs to bring about the end of the world..... Wait that's being evil isn't it? >.<
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    Great suggestions. I got another one. You know you've played too much when you have memorized every bit of text from Kh1 and CoM and over-analyzed them (TWICE) just to hypothesize some crazy stuff about KH2.
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    Who's hotter? (for guys)

    Eh... this thread is pointless..... I choose Aeris.
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    RR Riku II Help

    Four words: Don't listen to RPGPlaya. You can get along fine without them. Your cards in Twilight Town suck beyond all compare. Just go on a dodge-dodge-dodge-card break-attack frenzy. Did I mention the dodging? Use Oogie Boogie when you're low on health and Maleficient Dragon to boost your...
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    Whats your favorite world?

    Halloween Town dude, Jack and The Nightmare Before Christmas pwns all. All hail Tim Burton.
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    Elfen Lied

    My friend suggested this anime to me since it was On Demand on Anime Network, and I was wondering if anyone has seen it or head of it. Is it good? Bad? Not worth my time? <__<__> The face commands j00
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    I liked the Oathkeeper as far as looks were concernerned. Don't ask why. I guess it's just the symbolism of it and the white design.
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    How many of you actually own the game?

    I basically borrowed my friend's PS2 for a few months and played his Kingdom Hearts, among other games.
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    XDDDDDDD That explains so much. Priceless.
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    Does Diz even have a weapon?

    Thinking of a character like DiZ, I don't think he really has much in the means of a conventional weapon. He can probably blast you into next week without moving much of a muscle XP
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    who the strongest boss

    Everyone says the fourth Riku match, and I'll agree, but Larxene 2 and Axel 2 come in close behind (but then again, the first time I fought them, I got sandwiched into a corner... ouch)
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    is sephiroth in com

    Unforunately... No. I actually find it a little disappointing though that many features from the original KH were not in CoM. Would have made the game so much more... interesting to say the least. But hey, I guess you DID whoop Sephiroth into the land of no return in the first KH.
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    What level should you be at to beat Marluxia II?

    Once you beat the game once, it's pretty easy to go through it again and just completely make a mockery of the bosses. I bet you could probably beat it without going past level 40.... .... *is tempted to try*
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    What level should you be at to beat Marluxia II?

    Just so everyone knows, Marluxia is a GUY. Stop the use of referring to him as a her. Anyway, Marluxia is easy, and the thing is that the highest card he'll ever use is a 8, or at least that was in my battle. He doesn't even stock cards, and most of his cards aren't strong at all. Just break...
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    Favorite weapons

    Tough question. Both pale in coolness to the keyblade. Heck I'll choose Goofy's shield, though I do like Donald better as a partner.
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    What happens when you touch a Moogle's PomPom?

    Oh no I just touched the pompom ;-; BUT I LIKE MADEEN! YAYYYYYY! XDDD Yeah... FF9 was a nice game...
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    Favorite party member

    I chose Jack Skellington. Seriously, who didn't love the Nightmare Before Christmas? Great movie and characters until the end...
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    Who thinks kh2 will be the last kh game?

    I'd rather it stopped at a second Kingdom Hearts. The problem with keeping the series going on I think is that coming up with new ideas would become more difficult and at some point the series would pretty much be dead.