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    Riku's weapon

    yes i think ansem and riku are connected
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    ok i was just wondering i may have joined now but *nothing said* thax any way!! hope for help in the futher!!
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    new magic spells in kh2

    no1 know aound now! no real statmenst have been said about magic yet!!
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    character maker 2.0

    If you could make any character what would..... he/her name be! what whould her/his clothes do or look like!! were whold he/her be from what power would he/her have what kind of weapon would he/her weild... you may add anything else that is not included in the above!!! :cool:
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    i am trying to say y would square give us all these hints and no im no nweb! and i knwo what GUE AND SU stand for !
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    Speculaton of new worlds

    alladin is back and holloween town ,collosium and idk we have to wait to find out!
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    why whould square give us hints in finding GEU AND SU and so on i found a couple of new things about them and its getting closer to the right info of revileing them...idk but y would they want to give away there secrets of kh2??
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    the game will be about $$46 dollars because of tax!!
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    Who would you like to duel with on destiny islands?

    hmm i think wakka because the ball if u block it gives you alot of exp but i think the 3 on 1 battle gave me the most exp and its fun to know that ur better than wakka tidus and the other girl( for got her name)
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    sorixed post the link to see if its true i really want to see malificent in KH2 it will be a fun xperience!
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    A King of Kingdom Hearts? (or Queen)

    well when mickey closed the door along side with sora mayb king mickey is the king and sora is the prince mayb they are connected some how??