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    None Org bosses

    well ya they really did help me lvl up too but they didnt help the story at all and sora really needs to not be so helpful!!! but thats the disney part trying to teach people to always help others
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    None Org bosses

    did anyone else think that the bosses in the worlds revisted were alittle easy and unnecessary? and did you hear what jafar was saying while you fight him? it was like sabalabalabala
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    Kingdom Illusion

    i was laying down with my girlfriend and for some reason it thought that goofy and donald would be looking for me it was really weird
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    Drive forms in cutscenes

    what else is cool is that if you use drive in a mission, after it goes back to the gameplay, you still have all of your dirve left
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    Should i take a break?

    ok so i just played halloween town and i still need to go to agrabah, pride lands, and continue the funny musicals at atlantica, i've been playing for about 15 hours on normal, should i take a break? i'm also wondering about how much of a percent am i done - for the people who've beaten it
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    Not as fun as I suspected....

    im taking my time with it, i only passed LoD and im in beasts castle now... i'm not trying to beat the game in a week, i think every think about the game is great, the roxas part may have been slow, but it set up the new feel to the game.
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    KH2 Really Needed A Reaction Error System...

    i find it only difficult when your in the middle of an attack and you see it pop up but you cant hit it in time... i like it alot cuz is ads a cool extra move, and it comes in handy when your fight fat bodies!!!
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    the case dosent even look real!!! man i hope you all get it soon and have this fealing too!!!!
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I have IT!!!!! it's flippin sweet!!! the only prob is that im at work and i dont get out until 9:30 tonight!!!! man the game is sitting my my locker as we speak!!!! i cannot wait to get home!!!!!!!! and the best part is that me mom said i can stay home tomaro and play it all day...
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    What was that machine at the end of kingdom hearts??

    what are you talking about then? i cant remember the name of the gargoyle...
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    What was that machine at the end of kingdom hearts??

    are you talking about he machine that creates the heartless?
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    Sorry, i just jumped in at the last couple of pages, are they trying to upload the intro?
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    i have access to plan G, it fricken sweet, i tend to use plan G on alot of games!
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    Once you have KH2...will you play KH?

    i am right now becuz my gf and my friend are both beating it for the first time, so after i might becuz i still love the games, but i'll most likely play KH2 over and over and over.....
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    Oh my God The controls are screwed up!

    cercal and cross - i dont know, those buttons sound weird, haha lol
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    What would you do, or say!?

    i would rally a bunch of poeple who are waiting for this game... go down to SE headquarters and humanly sacrafice Nomura!!
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    What should I do?!

    depending the games, if tell me the list of game you wanna sell, i'll tell you what they most likely will give you for them
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    What should I do?!

    good thinking, trust me, i've had some experience with this kinda stuff, tell them that the game only cost 30, or however much you wanna borrow.
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    What should I do?!

    Invadezim, that was classic ''i think i'll crash her for the next 18 years'' haha def sell your games, thats what i used to do, if you trade them to gamest stop, they'll give you like $5 extra for every 3 games you trade in
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    What should I do?!

    good luck man, i really hope you get KH2, i feal bad for everybody whose not getting it within the first week it arrives, im just glad i get about 250 a week from my job (being old rules)