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    What do you think "Birth by Sleep" means?

    I don't know what 'Birth by sleep' means... I mean Nomura is always playing tricks on us. E.G: Heartless- they do have a heart of some sort. it's just trapped in Darkness. Nobody: is the product left when a heart is taken from the body. So, Birth by Sleep could mean the opposite (or along the...
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    Terra's keyblade

    I think I saw Ven summoning his keyblade in Sleeping Beauty's world, but it's been a while since I saw any BBS footage. Aqua- I don't remember seeing...
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    More Nobodies?

    As in the Scans there are new Heartless, I can't really say if there are any new Nobodies, but I think there will be- unless we don't see them until the end of the game or just in cut scenes.
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    Unbirth theory

    ^ there are too many of these lately... Theory1: ok I guess... a bit unplausable, but you never know what Nomura will think up next Theroy2: it can't happen.. Xehanort created the heartless, pure and emblem... Theroy3: I doubt that because it just doesn't sound like Nomura for some reason...
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    BBS PSP possibly

    Yeah, a Crisis Core Styled PSP did come out, even in the UK (which I'm amazed about), So I think they'l at least release BBS style of PSP, with maybe the BBS Logo on it or TAV or something...
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    how will they get around?!!!

    I have a feeling that they'll use the Corridors of Darkness- Who knows, maybe they wore something protective like Org.XIII- But hey, I guess we'll find out eventually.
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    Xion+Namine+Roxas Idea

    Ok, your theory is a bit confusing, but I understood it enough, to have an idea of WHY Namine' would have 'created' Xion: to store some of Sora's memories of Kairi. I know it's most likely wrong, but it's just a thought.
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    Xion born of Sora's Memories?

    Wow, thats one of the most plausable theories I've heard about Xion :D ... I can't find any loopholes... anywhere
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    Do you think Xion will have a title?

    Re: Do you think Xion will have a nickmane? "The Roxas/kairi copycat" :P
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    Keyblade MASTERS?

    But what I'm saying is that we can't compare them just yet until we know more about their personalities, strengths and weaknesses and how they use the Light and Darkness to their advantages.
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    Keyblade MASTERS?

    We can't compare Sora's heart to TAV's yet, because we hearldy know what they were like- except in a couple of cutscenes and worlds. we don't know if Terra's heart is like Riku's or Aqua's is like Kairi's, so you can't compare Sora to any of the character's in BBS just yet...
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    Keyblade MASTERS?

    I think Sora is just a wielder of a Keyblade, since I don't think he is skilled enough to be called a 'master' but he isn't being taught so he cant be an apprentice.
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    Xion = Sora's 'true' memories of Kairi

    Another way to debunk Spazzboy911's theory is the FACT that memories don't leave the heart- Namine' just reconected and broke the chains of them.
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    Castle Oblivion in 358/2

    Didn't Saix say that Xion was born in CO. 'cause I swear I remember him saying that in one of the scans... And If so- Axel could have been the one to 'collect' her since he was the only survivor after Sora left the castle.
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    Yay new keychains for 358/2 days

    Most likely. I mean, look at Demyx's Sitar, that has at least three variations, if not more. The Wind Maker is most likely the first Gear you for the keyblade you get, considering they showed it first.
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    Yay new keychains for 358/2 days

    I kind hope that each one of the org gives you a gear... I mean we know that if Axel gives you one it'll look like the one he gave Sora just before he died... right?
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    Yet Another New Days Scan

    Re: New 358/2 Days Scans Jan22 I think I know why Xion and Axel are talking in CO. I think in one of the scans that I've seen- saix says something like: "The whereabouts of Namine, the concealed room, the place Xion was born---" so maybe Axel was sent to get her or somthing... I dunno...
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    Element of Xion

    Darkness does seem the right element for Xion; but I think that she is a bit like Riku, and can control both the Light and Darkness...
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    KH BBS playable characters and MX's apprentice's true identity

    I don't think Micky will be playable as a whole, but maybe when he jumps in to fight agains the DS to protect Ven, then maybe you can play as him there... I think the DS is either Xehanort or someone we have never seen before- idk
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    Nobodies With Hearts

    Nobodies do not have hearts and can act like their careing and stuff (as said in the previous statements). And, though this may be crazy, I do think Roxas has a 'heart' of some kind. Roxas said "But, the hearts not something you can see. I've started wondering whether it's something you can't...