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    Xigbar's connection to Ven

    I also believe that they have some sort of connection, and if it is not with him, then it is with one of the three, because he mentioned a lot of interesting stuff in KH2 that relates to Birth by Sleep, so basically I think that Braig has some kind of role in it.
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    Demyx, Saix, Axel, and Xigbar are the most interesting, so i would pick those as the first four, but the first one would probably be either demyx because he is funny and i like his style of fighting, or Saix because he is such a powerful member of the organization. Reason why I like Axel is...
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    The order of power in Organization XIII?

    oh so if you guys think saix is xemnas's right hand man, then explain this to me plz: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Organization 13 Discussions he is very low at 3:25
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    How many of you are still playing KH1 or KH2, and which one are you playing?

    It has been about 3 years since the release of KH2, and I have been wondering how many people are playing it still, so I am posting up a poll, but if anyone somehow knows approximately how many people in the U.S. are still playing KH1 or KH2, post it in your reply. BTW some of you are...
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    Out of these Organization XIII members, who's style of fighting do you like the most?

    Out of the Organization XIII members that you have to fight in KH2 (excluding Final Mix), which one has the most unique and overall best fighting style?
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    Out of these 10, which Organization XIII member do you think is the toughest?

    Ok guys, I see a lot of people picking Lexaeus because of buffness, but there is a big difference between buffness and toughness. He was not hard at all to beat in CoM, and all Riku had to do was go right through him, and he killed Lexaeus. So I really do not know why so many people are picking...
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    If anyone would have changed ANYTHING in any of the worlds, what would you change?

    If you would have changed ANYTHING in any of the worlds in both KH1 and KH2, what would you have done, and why. Like, for example, what I would have changed to, not only 1 world, but all the worlds in general, was that I would've made the worlds A LOT bigger than they were. All of the worlds...