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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Kairi-yes this is to Kairi, not you Sora, so beat it! She's my girl! Hey Kairi, when did you get so hot? Last time I saw you, you looked like a little kid. But when I saw you at The World that Never Was, my jaw just dropped and my tail went up! Would ya maybe wanna come over to my place...
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    Position offer from the Organization?

    What would you do if you got offered a position from the Organization. Personally, I would join their ranks and shock the world with my newfound powers and rule with the Organization!
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    Who is your favorite Organization member?

    I'm beginning to notice the majority of voters here are girls. lol
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    Big Theory Story! Read please!

    Note: This story is just a theory. So if you disagree with this, don't start cussing me out. *Part 1: The Beginning* In the beginning, there were 4 Chasers. Each Chaser created their own Keyblade. The Keyblade had the power to create, destroy, or rewrite(edit). For a few...
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    Who is your favorite Organization member?

    Who is your favorite Organization member? Also show why you picked that person.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Halo Keyblade Wielders!!! The guys at the end of the secret movie look like Halo Keyblade wielders! I like the idea of having awesome armor!
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    This is...The final stretch...

    Forgive me. I forgot to post something very important about that super special secret thing. Ansem had brought Kairi to Destiny Islands when she was little. Ansem brought her from Hollow Bastion. You play KH2 and find out for yourselves.
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    This is...The final stretch...

    It's almost time. Many of you have been neesh gaming for 3 years, waiting at last for KH2. Well, the final stretch has come upon us. But...what will happen to this website, will you all still come here? And if there will be a KH3, will there be a www.kingdomhearts3.net? Sure, click on it. I...
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    That would suck if there was a KH3...

    P.S. I forgot to change my profile message about there will be a KH3. Lol.
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    That would suck if there was a KH3...

    Alright, I will tell you all right now: it would stink if there was a KH3. Why? Because we spent A LOT of time waiting for KH2, and I mean A LOT of time! And we still have a lot of time to go. Another reason I do not want them to make a KH3 is that they will probably start taking those...
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    Re to "Who do you think this is?"

    Picture 1 Picture 2 Maybe it was Sora. Tell me what you think.
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    Axel and Sora?

    Axel said in KH: CoM that he and Sora had something in common; that they were very much alike. This comes on as yet another question, but does anyone have any ideas?
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    Final Fantasy characters in KH 2.

    Who do you think will be in KH 2 that is an FF character? I know for sure it's Auron. There has been some rumors that Vincent Valentine is coming to KH 2. I think I also heard that Yuna and Tifa Lockheart (w00t) will be coming. I want Paine to be there, too!
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    Hate to break it to ya, but...

    98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this in your signature Sir Auron MUAHHAA! I don't smoke pot. lol
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    Hate to break it to ya, but...

    Okay, many members of www.kingdomhearts2.net have been posting threads that the release date is September 14th. And many other people have been sick and tired of reading these threads. I hate to break it to ya, but they are all right about the release date, at least so far with their evidence...
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    Your ending for KH2???

    Okay, first of all, I'm the guy that came up with the idea for KH 3! Please, don't steal my ideas or edit them. lol. And Mochacat244, I hate you. I hate ur guts so dang bad u deserve to go to a place where it doesn't shine(you all know what I mean). Go play cards with Hades or something. And I...
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    Enigmatic Man

    Okay, that last thread about the Egnimatic Man didn't really help us out here, except we made a guess he could've been the big boss and source of heartless plus the leader of the Organization. Or he could've been Ansem's right hand man. BUT we still don't know who he is. Do you think he could be...
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    Can Sora survive in OUR world? (Earth)

    As soon as they get here, they all die, cause they don't breathe oxygen lol.
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    The grand thread: Who is the Egnimatic Man?!

    For all our sakes, I hope you're right...
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    The grand thread: Who is the Egnimatic Man?!

    Guys, i g2g for now, be back on tomorrow post more suggestions!