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    official world selection

    Twilight town might not be confirmed, HOWEVER there are scenes that take place there. Example with Ven saying Erase me at the beach.
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    Huge Unversed defeated by Terra??

    Heartless were created after BBS. It was discussed before but it's always nice to see it again. However I can't remember if it was here or on a different forum xD
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    Final Bosses in Birth by Sleep

    Hate to burst your bubble but Nomura stated that the three apprentices are together at the begining of the game, that they are seperated while searching for master xehanort (each having their own personnal goal with it) then they are reunited at the end SO YES they will have the SAME final boss...
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    Logical Unbirth Theory

    You can clearly see the symbol at the back. I don't like using fan arts. And just to make a little comment : Birth by sleep is supposed to reveal the "memories" of Xehanort's past. So this (BBS) game does take memories to an importance.
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    Growth System

    Ps : Also stated in an interview : In order to "grow", you have to match 3 (or 4) obligations with the scenario.
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    (Spoilers) Leaked Days Video On Youtube

    Re: *Spoilers* Leaked Days Video On Youtube You just had to post this at the same time as i did. Anyways : I think the IA is really stupid. It just stands there being hit !. xD
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    Unbirth symbol a hint of memory?

    Hey people ! I found something rather interresting that might be a hint to what the unbirths are. As you know, many people on KHinsider have insisted on the possible fact that Unbirths a made of memories (or connected to it). What I'm trying to tell you right now, is that the unbirth symbol...
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    Unbirth/Sense of Self Theory

    Except DS is supposed to be MX's apprentice from the start.
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    TAV Keyblades: Keychainless?

    I'd like to point the fact that LS's keyblade CAN have a keychain since it does have a hole in it's handle. The keyblade itself is real. However the source of it's power might come from the keychains.
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    KH1/2 FM translation hack, is there one?

    No need to sub the cutscenes, since the voices are in english....
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    Theory mainly about unbirths

    This is how i imagine that Terra became Xehanort... When he was fighting with MX (The final fight) he used the power of darkness and turned himself into an Unbirth... Thus making him into a nothing like he was before birth.... However, i think, when an unborn has a strong will (Or heart...
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    Dark Soldier/Apprentice

    Actually, since the trailer is part of the end of BBS you can be sure that he created DS before... And noone has said that DS was Xehanort's apprentice... He might be a unbirth... But still, It's too early to talk about him...