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    Ven attacks similar to Sora and Roxas

    Speak for yourself.............
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    To the guy who said Aqua was in the Realm of Darkness shore... I saw her too, and totally agree with you. ^^
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    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Anyone else saw Aqua in the shore at the Realm of Darkness near the ending, or was it just me... ?
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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS Kairi, Aqua, and Mickey... he looks so badass. =D
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    Ven/Vanitas/Xion theory.

    SPÒILER. Xion doesn't look like Sora in the beggning. Yet, she is a replica of Sora. So... the argument of the body structure.... I don't think it's valid anymore. U^^
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    Xehanort + Keyblade

    I have been re-playing KH II and managed to finish it last night. I gotta admit, like mot people already did, it was a totally different game after playing 358/2 Days. (Concerning Plot of course xD) And as I was reading Ansem's reports, I found a line that catched my attention. And as I...
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    lol fail

    If LS hadn't talked to Sora and the others before picking a fight, I would have thought it wasn't canon. But he freacking did! So, "no canon", I don't think so. :cool:
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    Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections.

    It came out, it was awesome, and moreover, the Sheet Music Book has come out as well... My question ( If it can be asked ), has somebody got it? Has anybody scanned it? Thanks a lot.
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    Secret Ending AMV

    You are all free to state your opinion, whether you liked it or not... as long as it's with respect... and that's what you have been doing, so I'm happy anyway =P Check some of his other stuff on his channel if you like ^^
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    Secret Ending AMV

    Link Posted ... It was all about creating the suspense. =X I'm sorry >.<
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    Secret Ending AMV

    I'm here introducing my brother. He is a musician, a very talented one. He composed something, I thought it fit the video quite well, asked him to place it there, and make it public... I hope you like it, if you don't, keep flames to yourselves unless they are constructive. ^^ edit: OMG I...
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    How Excited Are you Right now for 358/2 days

    I'm just filled with anger cuz It should be going out for PS2 instead of a DS. Same for BBS.
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    Kingdom Hearts with Japanese Dubbing

    You need a beaten Saved game for the Original Chain of Memories... KH II FM came along with it... it sucks, I know. You should be able to get the Japanese dubbed scenes in the Theatre Mode.
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    the tragic ending...

    Are we talking about the same Disney?? They killed Bambi's mom in the first 5 mins of the movie, Mufasa, and probably some more I can't remember now... I mean... They love death and tragic.
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    Need some Mushroomy help

    Somebody posted a "How to beat every Mushroom" set of Videos in YouTube. You should check that out. It really worked out for me. And I got myself the Kick-ass secret ending :D
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    Tips to Beat Sephirtoh?

    Be patient, and study his attacks... All of them are avoidable. Equip a couple of Elixirs for when he One-Hits you and have Refectga as another shortcut. You need no more LvL in order to beat him. Just use your brain =P Edit: Like someone said before; powering up your Drive Form Abilities is a...
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    Xion+ Aqua's Armor idea

    She must be an Unbirth ^^
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    Found/Lost Illusion

    Thanks, I figured the way to Synthesise one of them, and found out that beating the CoM members dropped the other 10 mins after posting this... ;)
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    Found/Lost Illusion

    Where do I exactly get those Materials if I accidentaly wasted a couple of them ? Thanks a lot .^^
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    Here goes again.

    This is what I was talking about... that's the kind of attitude I bitched about... thanks for the free demonstration. The question has been answered, get out of my sight. ^^