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    How Do you defeat Xaldin in Beasts castle

    I have it set on normal mode and I Know about the jump command I also used reflect nothing seems to be working anyone have any strategies to beat him
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    Which FF Characters would you want to see in Kh3

    Please Tell Me I'd like to know
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    A very interesting theory

    Nomura States that the Final Fantasy Characters are guests in the Kh universe but what if that's just a trick to throw us off KH3s plotline what if Namine made them forget who they were and implanted with false memories making them think they were someone else but you ask how does this affect...
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    My Theory

    What if all the final Fantasy Characters Memories were erased by namine and their old memories were replaced with new ones and the ones that are kids/younger/Fairies forgot who they were so they lost their true form and took another and thats why everybodys younger or got turned into fairies Yrp...
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    Leon and Siefer

    well bye
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    Leon and Siefer

    I meant The finall fantasy worlds like Midgr and Balamb and Spira
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    Leon and Siefer

    any body like my theory also to clear where all the other worlds went they were swallowed by the heartless
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    Leon and Siefer

    I have a Theory What if Leon Cloud And everybody forgot who they were like namine erased or something like that and to explain wht seifer is a kid and other people are younger and Yrp Are Fairies they Forgot who they were so their forms left them they are shells of their former self which means...
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    Chicken Little AKA Zach Braff on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    Complain if you want thats my opion
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    Chicken Little AKA Zach Braff on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    Don't mean to be a downer but Johnny Depp will not be in Kh2 he just to famous also zach Braff could've been talking about the Chicken Little game which is made by the Japenese game developer Capcom until you get a conformation on what he daid its still just a rumor on the other Zach Braff has...