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    Guys, we may have a problem, there are more than 13 people in the new organization.

    So after this latest Big Hero 6 trailer, I noticed something, that Norted Riku...which ever version that is makes 13 Norted people. If you add Master Xehanort that is 14 people in the new organization. Let me run this by you guys just to double check. You've got: Master Xehanort Young...
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    Vanitas Height

    Something about Sora being 5'4-5'6 just doesn't sit well with me, in my opinion he can't be any higher than 5ft because Johnny Depp is 5'10 and when Sora is standing next to Jack Sparrow he barley reaches Jack's shoulders.
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    Connection between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts x [chi]

    I never thought of Nomura having the Mansion in mind when making KHX, that's a good point. I've been looking at the symbols from the Old Mansion and comparing them to other places in the KH series and other than the unicorns nothing really sticks out, although on the first floor of the mansion I...
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    Connection between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts x [chi]

    So I registered an account to get some feedback on this idea. In the Old Mansion in Twilight Town you can see a lot of references to Unicorns and the only other connection I can find of Unicorns (other than the Electricorn from KH3D) is in Kingdom Hearts x [chi] there is a whole union based...