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    Unbirths, remants of their previous self.

    This is a shot in the dark, but what about this. Unbirths could be byproducts of a birth by sleep gone wrong. Think about it, they dissapear from existance before the first heartless or nobody was created. They might be people with strong hearts, keyblade chasers, masters, or just regular people...
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    Two things I still don't get (About Roxas's Twilight Town)

    Yeah, SA and Masta are always right about pretty much everything in these threads. Oh well...
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    I think that the khll magic was horrible. I only used curaga, and thundaga, because thundaga is just awsome. But the rest of the magic just kinda, well, was useless in most situations, exept for the fire and blizzard lord heartless.
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    Sora's Revival

    I thought that Kiari purified him with pure light. Because, when he was a heartless, you could tell that he had his heart, but was lossing it. Kairi Purified his heart of darkness, thus, he just ran around the worlds as a heart untill roxas merged with him at the begining of kh2. As for namine...
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    Leaked footage of BBS (unsure if it was suppose to be posted here)

    You could also use youtube batch downloader. Go to 1-Click YouTube Batch Downloader from Eurekr.com and click the tab that says batch downloader. Download it, then you will be able to go to youtube, find the vidoe you want, then click the download now button. It will take you to a website called...
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    Xehanort's Past

    wow, that is just perfect. lmao
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    How did Roxas merge with Sora in the data world?

    1.) Roxas merged with sora in the data town, but, because he was part of him, he didn't have to be at the same place to merge. 2.) Namine was either resisting or it just wasnt meant to be at that precise moment 3.) The death of axel stirred roxas' being enough to give him the strength to...
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    i know i know... another xion theory...

    but, wouldnt have roxas balanced that out, because before he lost his memory, he seemed to be more dark oriented than light, meaning that he just acted darker than namine. Maybe, if this balancing thing is right, xion was created for the purpose of nothingness, to balance the two light and the...
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    Organization XIII coat

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    Why can't Mickey call up a corridor of darkness?

    well, think about the betwixt and between area between TWTNW and Twilight town, this seems to be a nuetral passageway, between the light and the dark. So, maybe they can just warp here, and then sink into the darkness from there
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    I have a question

    maybe, or he is just splitting the power of the keylade into two, and they are just in that form because of soras memories.
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    I agree with axie, because in kh2fm+ when you confront terra, he seems REALLY pissed at xehanort. Also, ansem says that xehonort had amnesia, and from my point of view, MX was able to manipulate memories, since his and the dark soldiers keyblades are different from the other chasers keyblades...
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    Xion's Creation...

    please dont flame. Now, maybe, since kairi body soul and heart were still intact at the end of kingdom hearts, a heartless or a nobody couldn't have been created. Sora, on the other hand, might have been running around as just a heart, (please dont flame) maybe, namine is actually just soras...
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    Xion is Aqua's Nobody?

    I think that kairi is somehow related towards Aqua, Not in the family way, bit in some other way. Same with Sora and Ventus. Like with Roxas, Xion took the appearance of the one shes related to, with some features of kairis too.
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    Which Keyblade keychain? >.>

    well, it depends on what boss you face next. Magic is important for long battles, like the final batlle with ansem, but strength is better for bosses like that gargoyle thing (Cherenog?) you face in The end of the world.
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    When You First Saw Your Battle Report...

    how in the... i seem to have used wisdom more than valor... wtf?!