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    New Interview From Rebirth Wings [Need Translation]

    i forgot who appeared? and not to be lazy but i dont feel like wacthinng it again
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    spoiler ven and lea

    i know its fan service as is isa but i still would have liked to have fought him with the wooden keyblade
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    spoiler ven and lea

    so did anyone else feel like it was a missed opportunity when they didnt show the fight between ven and lea and that it would have been so much better to make it playable
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    question: vanitas and ven

    i guess i thought it would be something more idk intresting
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    question: vanitas and ven

    idk if it has been answered yet so if it has just redirect me but why do ven and van d link at the end of his boss battle
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    Secret Boss [SPOILERS]

    what a stupid fight it takes any real challenge out of it the fight goes dodge>use spell and wait for him to step on it>dodge and wait for spell to recharge> repeat its so disappointing
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    sora/ven spoiler

    i am not saying it is possible i just giving another side to someones theory
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    sora/ven spoiler

    ok so i have read a lot of threads on how people are disappointed that sora has the keyblade bec of ven well what if its the other way around bec when ven was on the island the keyblade didnt show till he linked his heart with sora and i know that riku was the true master of the keyblade but it...
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    Aqua's Scenario

    hes trying vanitas again 252525252525
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    i kinda upset that Van. is the secret boss yea he is strong and all but the secret boss should be someone you dont fight in game at any other time thats sorta why its secret boss bec he is not already in the games story
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    So....answered questions

    What unanswered questions about Kingdom Hearts did BbS answerer for you? Also what other questions did it raise for you? I was already sure about the Terra/Xehanort thing but it gave me a definitive answer that I thought was awesome especially the answer to Lingering Sentiment. And why is...
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread 反幻想聯盟Season3 on Justin.tv
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread how did she get there? I dont think they explained or maybe i missed it.
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    secret movie?

    I dont think this belongs here but well i wasnt sure were to put it anyone have any ideas on the secret movie? Is anyone a little more excited to see what it is then see what BbS has to offer? Dont get me wrong i am hyper over BbS but the thought of getting aggravated/annoyed/confused/even...