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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    My reaction was: "WTF!!! I'm frickin' white killing white trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (I was fighting nobodies.)
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    pride lands! help

    Uh...it's been too long since I fought it...but I know it wasn't that hard...you just gotta use the Reaction commant and get ontop of it.
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    King Mickey Summon

    But honestly, if you could summon him, then he would have a limit right? And when you get Jimmies Journal to where it just has ??? marks where you have yet to get something. Then you would not be able to complete the Journal 100% untill you beat the GAME 100%, and if you only only got Micky...
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    King Mickey Summon

    That would be really cool, good idea for the next game.
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    Sephiroth tips, please.

    Yeah, oblivion words too. But, you will want Berserk. Equip like two Ethers and two Elixers. Use Trinity Limit, then beserk him...heal/Trinity Limit, Berserk. Trust me...do that, and he's just a long, easy fight. (Thats how I beat him...and I tried many other ways. That works best) You wont need...
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    Sephiroth tips, please.

    KeyBlade, Ultimea Weapon...ability: Berserk, Limit: Trinity Limit... But dude, I don't care how good you are, unless you have like really fast reflexes, Sprint and Air Dodge at good levels, and high Def...man. ONE of his Air Combo's will rip you arpart at level 50. PLUS then you have to get...
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    The Titan Paradox Cup

    Geez, I dunno, but Peter Pan limit? Whats that? Does that work or something? Cause you gotta get like 5000 in the regular Titan Cup and I have no clue how to do that....
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    Space Paranoids: Journey to Mesa help!!!

    Oh, yeah, that...that was....annoying. I did it without any form. But, yeah, just turn into Master Form and it should be a breeze, or if you want it to be laughable, just wait untill you have Final Form. (If you can skip that world, I can't remember) But either way, Master will work great.
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    FAQ : Enemy Locations and Item Drops

    I needed to know where to get a Twilight Stone...and I COULD'NT get if for the LIFE of me...but this REALLY helps. Thanks!
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    Space Paranoids: Journey to Mesa help!!!

    Which ones that? Is that where you have to distroy all the computer screens? That was fun...Just turn into Valor form and level that up while you distory the three computer screens. (P.S. sorry if thats the wrong part of that wrold, It's been a few weeks.)
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    Final Form

    For the heck of it, heres a way to level up ALL forms very well too. (I used it to get all of my drive forms to level 7) Go to Port Royal (after beating it for the second time, so their are no > >annoying pirates) and then get your drive bar up to about three (Use >drive > >boosters if you...
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    Final Form

    How to get it: A. You MUST be in battle when you turn into any drive. Otherwise you WILL NOT get Final Form. (That means, you don't turn into Falor form. Then go into battle. You go into battle. THEN turn into which ever form you please) B. *Easy way to get it* After the go to the Colisseum...
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    Your Health

    This is just a random question. But, how high can your heath get? Mines at 120 max right now. What the max in the game?
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    The Colisium.

    Okay, I have beat 4 of the cups (The easy ones from my understanding) Pain and Panic, Hadies, Godess of Fate...and that one other one...But then there are the other four that you have to unlock...how do you unlock them? I have all my crive forms at level 5. (Valor and Final are at 7) but sumons...
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    A few of the Mini Games

    Okay, I can't beat A. Junk Sweep in 6 swings in Twilight Town, or the Poster Duty in 30 seconds. How do you do it? And, what Nobody drop Twilight Stone and Gem?
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    I've already beat KH2...SO, I'm gonna mess with the senthisize stuff and make more Ultimea weapon like 50 times...lol...AND HEY< FRICK YEAH>>>I can get anothbner Fenrir!!!!!!!!!!!!!