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    Cannon Heartless in Disney Castle

    i dont think that small heartless is a cannon i think its the loud horn heartless from COM
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    ok um why did some of the healing potions just dissapear? i needed to heal and some of them were gone.
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    most embarrasing moment

    whats your most embarrasing moment? mine was when i was in the bathroom at school and this kid stood up on his toilet and looked down into my stall.
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    Do you think Kingdom Hearts II is worth the wait?

    Re: Do you think... ofcourse it will be worth the wait ive been waiting for this game FOREVER i cant wait for it to come out
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    Most Hardest Boss to beat

    riku IV was the hardest to beat for me i hated him. for riku's story i cant say cuz i havnt beaten it
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    Best/Worst World in KH?

    best-um hollow bastion for me worst-um i think monstro sucked alot i hated it
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    announcments gone

    the announcements are gone i cant see them. at the top of the index it has the words "announcements" but underneath theres nothing there.
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    What is it about kingdom hearts...

    the thing about kh that i really liked was the storyline. and the way i found this forum was that one day i was thinking "i wonder if they'll make a kingdom hearts 2" so i typed "kingdom hearts 2" in google and i found this forum
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    Cards or Classic?

    the kh battle system was WAY better i hated the cards they were just dumb. i liked moving around around freely in kh although you can in COM the fighting area is very small and i thought it was annoying having to shuffle through my cards looking for a dumb card.
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    what the crap

    ok um when i was looking at the main page of the forums evrything turned black and when i had my mouse on a link the link would turn red but when i refreshed the page it was back to normal. what the crap happened?
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    KH quiz:part one

    1.b 2.b 3.c 4.c 5.d 6.a 7.c 8.a
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    Ultimate Keyblade

    i never got it cuz i suck
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    worth it?

    well then get an SP like i said its only $75. the price for COM and a SP is $125
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    worth it?

    um you dont need to buy a DS to play COM. you can get a game boy advance SP which costs $75.
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    What would you do if KH2 dosen't release

    i think i would just drop dead
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    What world would you like to live

    destiny islands would be cool i would like to live there
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    What level were you when you beat the game?

    Re: what lvl where u when u beat the game? i was lvl 62 with the oblivion
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    tough choice

    ok um my bday is kinda far away but i still wanna make up my mind now. well anyway my next bday ill be old enough to buy ff games cuz they are rated T but i can only choose one and i must choose between ff7,ff8,ff9,or ff10. which one should i choose?