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    the rrom of awakening

    I don't think so but I'm not sure since I can't read japanese ... That's why I not very sure about that part..
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    kh2 vs kh

    Haha... Don't worry about the attacking "others" stuff... Since majority users in this forum not this "unsophiscated" ( suddenly recall of those unsofiscated people in gamefaqs.com... blah ) Anyway, believe me... KH1 is worth it... I start with KH2 and I scare that KH1 will be boring at 1st...
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    7 princesses' worlds in BirthBySleep

    I almost vomit cause of dizzy when playing at Wonderland
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    7 princesses' worlds in BirthBySleep

    I think the beast castle possessed a very high possibility but I hope Wonderland won't come again T_T
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    soras forms

    Lol... I don't think it is necessary since the current form is already cool enough.. Especially Final Form
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    About Getting AP

    Apparently , it requires only 2 Power Crystal, 2 Dark Crystal and 2 Frost Crystal only..
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    i have some questions

    KH2 obviously longer... I personally think KH2 is better since it more to play
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    I totaly had this Roxas dream ...

    What she did to you?? that draws my interest
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    I totaly had this Roxas dream ...

    What happen in CoM?? What she do to you??
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    I totaly had this Roxas dream ...

    Did Larxene do something bad to you??
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    358/2 days question

    Lol... It is to prevent people from spamming ...
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    358/2 days question

    25 words rulez... Really good
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    358/2 days question

    Yea... That's why I think they maybe not playable
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    358/2 days question

    Don't be sad... I said "maybe" only
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    358/2 days question

    ^I don't think Larxene and marluxia is playable
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    358/2 days question

    Are you sure?? I thought we only can play Axel,Roxas and Saix
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    Gundam OO ( Double O )

    It is the best Gundam series so far I watched... I really like Gundam Origin but this 1 also very good... If you are a Gundam series fans, believe me... This is one of the best Gundam series so far :thumbsup:
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    TAV's Master and the Org Theory

    I agree with Golden knight... more like a hearless for me =D
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    Fanfiction ► The Hidden Secrets of KH

    Haha!! That's a good 1... How you come out with such idea?? It is really good
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    would kh2 final mix+ work??

    Why not play it on PS2?? I don't think PS3 work on it