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    South park

    My bad i did not mean to put that here so close this
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    Halo 2 add levels: what do you think

    For all halo fans what do you think of the expansion pack I mean i luv playing the new levels :D
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    KH2 For PS3

    I feel that they are messing with my emotions and I doont liked to be mesed with im going to let hell loose on there asses I mean like what the f%$! this s^&% is pissing me off mother f&^$ there going to die real soon they push it back one more time to
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    KH2 For PS3

    I dont think they will put on ps3 but if they do there will be hell to pay and bodies will be found now i've been waiting on this game in hell and if they do all i got to say is mother f$#& and got damn it and S^&% and son of a b*&%#
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    Who think this is a good game and what is your favorite thing to do on there mine is going to multi. and blast heads off and what side are you on teddys or conkers side ........... choose correctly
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    Conker bad fur day: The evil teddy

    have any body ever played this game in multiplayer and went to every man for them selves............ and put it on einstein.... there is an evil teddy that will show no mercy what so ever so if u think you are the baddest video game player I dare u to go fight him and it's unbelievable aim :D
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    what happen to sora in chian of memories

    I havent got a chance to play chian of memories and see what exactly happens to sora so people with information let me here it :)
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    Why Bhk Shouldn't exist

    nice theory but the bhk is a animal he and your ass to u
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    Hp? Mp?

    does it really matter if your health stays the same stop being a punk and if starts of at 20 just get it up or u cant play the game or somthing so stop b....................