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  1. J

    do you know when kh2 will come out in australia?

    I dont know either i wanna kno that aswerll since i am an Aussie. but i think when it hits America on the 28th of march it might come to lets say after 2-5 days? after its realese in America. Since im in Tas its gonn come 1 day after its relese in Austrailia o well more wait for me.
  2. J

    Kingdom Hearts II Deep Dive Music

    ooo nice and if you want a Higher Quality of that song go to www.bluelaguna.net and go for the KH2 or KH Soundtrack, please own the original Soundtrack instead of Downloading it.
  3. J

    link mode

    Link Mode you Choose either Sora or Riku Depends witch story u choose and if both players choose the same charector like Sora Vs Sora Each person would see each other like Anti Sora or bassically a darker version of Sora to tell who is who Same applys to Riku but u hav to use your own Deck. Hope...
  4. J

    Kingdom Hearts 2 OST Cover

    Umm Donkey it says its comin out Jan 25th on this website...
  5. J

    KH Movie witn Minor proof

    Now im not sure if this is really true but in my one of my magazine's they said somwthing about a Kingdom Hearts Animated movie thing anyway this is what it says... Rumours are flying around at the moment hinting that a movie based on Sqyare Enix's popular Kingdom Hearts could be in the...
  6. J

    ***Kingdom Hearts 2 NA Site Official Launch***

    I need help viewing it cus when i click it it wont open there something wrong with my javascript so if anyone can pm me or just reply on how to fix it that will be a big help. And it sounds awesome!
  7. J

    Sora KH2 CG (Not a Video)

    Oh Sweet find i love KH2 even more now since i've seen this!:)
  8. J

    The BHK theory I don't entirely support...

    hello.. Well this is a good theory but sad to say i cant think of anyway way to tear it apart and it could be true like the newest trailer translations say that at the start the BHK said sumthing like "I've been having these strange thoughts lately like is any of this for real.. or not?" just...
  9. J

    i spotted something

    on the new tgs05 trailer were it showed bhk fightning that big white thing. If you look at were bhk is standing you can see a big picture of Sora then 4 other pictures which has goofy donlad naminé and i think thats Riku with a blindfold on i wonder if anyone else has spotted this and maybe...
  10. J

    How Fast Are You?

    Okay lets put those Kingdom Hearts Skills to the limit. Challenges Mark with a * were new Challenges added by me and # for challenges added by other Users. How fast can you.... Defeat Sephiroth with no accecories, take of all abilitys and use the kingdom key. Defeat the Ice Titan with the same...
  11. J

    A bit of Nooby/Help question

    Im new to the RPG thing on khinsider and want to kno how do i use a keyblade i can only attack with my fists. if theres a place that will explain how to. Or a thread just like this then provide a link and wait for this thread to close.
  12. J

    RE: KH poster...where's riku?

    Re: KH poster...where's riku? If the guy is Axel weres that triangle thing under his eye? i Still think it's riku or maybe a random unkown that has no importance.
  13. J

    Did You Notice

    I've notice something in Kingdom hearts 2 is that BHK is standing on one of those tall towers that sora had in his dream the Place After the FMV intro. I Saw this in the trailor when bhk meets that big White Dude.