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    Screenshot of New Keyblade

    In the new PV there is one scene in Drive form where Sora is using a new keyblade. I took a screenshot of it which can be found here: http://img425.imageshack.us/img425/2593/newkeyblade4rl.jpg
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    Kingdom hearts Com: Gold soul eater

    I have to agree with squall. If there really was a gold soul eater more than just one person would have found it by now. The game has been out for a year now.
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    Japanese KH2 Commercial

    Yeah we know about that commercial already, don't worry about it dude.
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    To sum it up in a nutshell: A movie from the 80's.
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    Vexen and Marluxia revival

    At this point I really don't trust a single world that Nomura says. He said sephiroth wasn't going to come back... and look who popped up in the recent kh2 commercial. If they are going to bring back Marluxia and Vexen they might as well bring back the whole damn crowd to make Kh2 really long...
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    last scene of trailer

    Personally I have different thoughts on what that thing is. I believe that it is either part of the final world in KH2 or maybe the entrance to it. It's not uncommon for RPGs to have an odd looking place or portal near the end of the game. Examples being: End of the World in KH1...
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    Jungle World forgotten

    They didn't give Square or Disney permission to use Deep Jungle in Chain of Memories or KH2. That's the biggest reason why it isn't in there. Besides, that world was a joke. It was way too damn easy and just a pointless part of the game.
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    We're screwed

    1. Not Friggin awesome, F***ing awesome! I mean you actually get to fight them all heh heh that rocks. 2. Fuse? Hell no, only in an emergency. First I am going to let out a primal scream, charge in, KILL HEARTLESS! 3. Where that war is happening... good question, I don't know. 4. XIII...
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    about the offical kh2 cover

    Really? Then I wonder who that guy on the left with SILVER HAIR in an unknown outfit is. *In sarcastic tone* I doubt that it's Riku, there is no way it could be him. So where is Riku anyway?
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    Worst Rumors.

    Here are some I have herad: Namine and Riku will fall in love in KH2, I serioulsy doubt that is happening. The EM is Zexion in disguise (my friend told me this one and I was like: WTF?) Sora is Ansem's nephew, okaaayyyyy. That's about all I can think of at the moment.
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    Silver Haired Unknown

    Dude you are so freakin wrong. That isn't the place where you see the unknown with the soul eater, that place you are refferring to is the place with the heartless army and the weird looking castle. Those two places look nothing alike, how in the hell could you mix them up? 2nd of all it may...
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    Passion shmassion

    Guess what? Nobody cares.
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    Axel was a Keyblade Master??

    If you provided something to BACK UP your theory then it would be believeable. You don't even as much provide anything that helps your theory.
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    Namine...Diz's daughter!?!?!?!?

    It would be an interesting plot twist for sure. I don't know about a father-daughter relationship but there is some sort of connection between the two.
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    Lilo and Stitch world?

    I think Stich will just be a character who ends up in another world, like beast in KH1. Let's just hope that they DON'T have a Lilo and Stitch world, that would suck.
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    Location..Locaion..new world?

    No Stich was crap, that was one of the worse movies I have ever seen. Finding Nemo was better than THAT. Are you blind or something? Stitch is in KH2 but it's not confirmed if he has a world or not. He was fighting in the same damn place that we see Rikku, Yuna, Cloud, Sora, Donald, and...
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    Ansem in kh2 !!!!!!

    That is a recap you idiot.
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    That's got to be . . .

    Dude you are an idiot: 1. Ansem does not have blue hair 2. Ansem has dark skin, that unknown does not 3. The unknown that unhoods themself is a different unknown and he has SHORT silver hair that is styled like Zexion's. Last time I played kingdom Hearts which was about a week ago Ansem has...
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    There is a slight possibility that it could be Zexion. I mean if that fat bastard oogie boogie can come back from the dead who says that a member of the XIII order can't? We saw all of the organization members die EXCEPT for Zexion. The screen went black and that was it. So there is the...
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    Robin hood world needed in KH2?

    It would be interesting to see a robin hood world. Maybe it will be a last minute world that square shows off before KH2 is released in Japan.