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    keyblade wasteland

    you know how their are a bunch of keyblades in that desert wasteland in the fmx trailer, is it possible that when sora switches out his keyblade for a different one it goes/ comes from there. And when riku gave kairi her keyblade, did he pull it out of there. And if possible, maybe only keyblade...
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    Final Mix+

    358 days is coming out in japan this summer, you don't think numura would be greedy and keep it for himself, right? like he did with fmx
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    kari and riku r they keyblade masters too???

    OK, so i just beat khII the other day to catch stuff i might of misssed the first time. Soras the keyblades chosen one. But is riku since he has a key blade. ANd is kari a keyblade master now that she has a keyblade? I'm so confused.......!!!!:bored:
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    Does Roxas miss Hayner Olette and Pence

    I feel bad for roxas, he lost his best friends, except namine.... Its not fair
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    Does the Title " Kingdom Hearts" fit in BBS

    Why is master zehanort trying to get kingdom hearts, And what is its true and full power.
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    Mickey in bbs like reverse rebirth?

    I think that we might even get to see mickys training by Yen sid if it haden't already happened yet. And what if mickey was not the king yet. OOOOH what then??!!! ......that would be interesting.
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    Could BBS Not Be In The Past?

    I strongly believe that its in the past, but the keyblades are rusty, so i can see where you are coming from. It's a nice thought anyway....
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    someone predict Birth by Sleep Story great !

    Thats a big theory, you must have thought about this alot..!
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    So for a little fun.. The Character Select Screen?

    yeah!! or maybe a video of what the character does through the game that way it helps you know what your in for.. you know, like a mini prieview at the menu screen.
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    Twilight Town's Time Period/Era

    I think its from the past because of all of the buildings in that place. It would take years to construct them all. along with the underground paths and train tracts. This is a good question
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    sora/ roxas

    I don't know if this is a stupid question or not. (please forgive me if it is) But if sora died(no offense to sora) would roxas die too? And by roxas dying i mean seasing to exist. Again please forgive me if its a stupid question...?
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    Do you like this game?

    I liked it because i played kh II before chain of memories, but the card play as hard to understand at first.
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    possible ven explanation

    I was thinking last night and what if Ven who came before sora, and whom sora takes after is sora + Roxas. And when sora became a heartless his nobody took after vens looks. Because if sora possibly is half of ven. And roxas is half of ven. Then ven could had soras personality with roxas'es...
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    You know those pod chamber things in the mansion basement, The section where goofy and donald sleptin. Is it possible that birth by sleep could be apart of those pods. And that those could be what ven and the other dudes could sleep in or be "born" in. Because it is called birth by sleep, oh...