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    Master Form Lv. 6 & 7?

    Yes, you need all the forms and there are some other conditions you need as well. I don't remember them, but I will post them when I do.
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    urrr...Final Form Help

    Yea, as far as I remember, nothing has to be leveled up. Just as long as you go to TWTN, and all other drive forms it just happens randomly. Because I def got it without leveling up my other forms...
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    Hades Cup

    Yea, teh guide book gives you good strategies. But there is nothing better than getting your own, or learning from othersr who have done it :D
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    A Glimmer of Hope For an American Release?

    Well folks, I have found for us a great find. Click the link below, and simply follow the instructions!! Please Do This!
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    Random Theory (Possible Spoilers)

    Haha, my theory is a little starange and not complete yet. The three knights are the original keyblade masters. They were the first ones sent to destroy the 'darkness' or 'ultimate evil'. In the end of the final great battle, all but one are 'destroyed' (This is entirely speculation.) Now, the...
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    Who hopes for a Sephiroth battle?

    Already been said my friend :D
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    Hades Cup

    Very true. The Hades Paradox Cup is the hardest thing to do in KHII.
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    Who hopes for a Sephiroth battle?

    I certainly agree with everyone else on the point that Sephiroth is being over used now. I mean, I was excited to fight him in KHII, but I don't know if I would want to fight him again after KHI, KHII, FF VII, watching FF VII:AC...I mean, seeing the same person come up over and over again can be...
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    Who hopes for a Sephiroth battle?

    Yea, but thats the point, to give us a real honest challenge :3
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    Who hopes for a Sephiroth battle?

    But they are already Nobodies, right? Hmm... I think it would be cool to have to fight all XIII Organization members in order, without a break in between any of them. THAT would be a challenge IMO...
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    Your rating to Kingdom Hearts II

    I went with a 7/10. Overall I was pleased with the game, but the original was much harder, and I mean c'mon, you would expect a sequel to be geared towards people who played the original, therefore, making it harder? The battle system was much more enjoyable, I really enjoyed the reaction...
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    Maybe Someone Has An Idea

    So all the theories out there are focusing on the 'knights/soliders' and 'Xehanort/Ansem.' But what I seem to not be seeing is where the heck does Mickey come into the mix? Any ideas?
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    kh2 poll

    I would have to go with Leon in Hollow Bastion. It would just be nice to live in a castle town :D
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    Hades Cup

    I got to round 95 at level 75. It was rough and I lost at that point my first time through. All you really need to do is know when to use what abilities and combos and what spells to use at what times. But like what was said before, use forms when you can, summons when you can and so on.
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    I can't save.

    I def agree with the above post. I learned my lesson a while back about Mad Catz things. Really, just pay the extra 5 bucks for brandname. Its guaranteed to work most of the time =D
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    Hey folks. Kinda new to the site, not to the game however. I've been a fan since it first came out. Never really got into the sites and stuff, but I really like it here so far and I will really enjoy getting involved :D
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    T_T I just wish there was some way that we could find out if it is coming to the states. Its killing me little by little on the inside not knowing.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    There is stuff that could help bring KH2FM+. I've already posted about this in another thread, but just in case, KH2 was the 2nd best selling game in the states in 06. So I mean, with numbers like that, how could you not bring it over here?
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    That is very true. It really is the only reason why they made FM for the first one in Japan and Europe got it too I believe?